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  • I'll take the R like you take the L, you're no star
  • The only thing grim about you is your attempt at bars
  • You could rap at a pub and still wouldn't know how to start
  • You could fly over a golf course and still wouldn't be up to par
  • You rap about dreaming well I'm your nightmare
  • Riding a black horse when it's the black sheep you might fear
  • I wish you were my grandad, make it easier to bury you
  • You won't know how to "clap back" after you play this on your stereo
  • My hunger will be unsatisfied until I devour you
  • Like a flattened tyre there's no power in you
  • Switched your gun for a sword, call you ex-calibre
  • How are ya meant to take shots when your gun's outta lead?
  • You could be made from soy and still wouldn't be legendary
  • Grandad's a little boy, aspiring to be a wegend faiwy
  • This is no knife fight like your wife might like
  • Strap a bodybuilder to my height so I've got arms when I fight
  • Okay, let's aim the lyrical AK at AKA
  • Is it grim if I say I'll bury this gay in a shallow grave?
  • I mustered up the mustard to muscle this motherfucker
  • You cussed me out like custard, your castle's about to crumble
  • You fuss about, you're flustered, this fossil's just a fumble
  • Go bust a nut you bastard you're a butterfly with no bumble
  • I'm diminishing your rep while I'm finishing this heat
  • When I administer this sinister verse you'll go to permanent sleep
  • Your attempt is like a shovel, you're digging yourself deeper
  • I bring the house down to rubble, you couldn't sneak a peek out
  • Bury you alive, despite your punchlines being dead
  • Party in the raveyard, you're a G only in your head
  • Acting like you have grim hobbies when you give rim jobs
  • You're sloppy, I may be white bread but I'm tip top
  • Don't need to butter you up before I throw you on the subway
  • I must say, your cookie cutter guff rubs me the wrong way
  • Every different shape still couldn't make you a star
  • It's clear to all you're as pointless as a jelly jar
  • But you're jelly of me, the way I eat rappers for breakfast
  • I'm a menace the way I tread this game, I'm steadfast
  • This shit is my swamp, and I'm not talking about Shrek
  • Carry you like my child with my teeth around your neck
  • I don't need a backing track to beat you
  • You're like my meat, don't even think when I obliterate you
  • You're a poor rapper honey, I'm intense like sleeping in the rain
  • Give you a run for your money, find no sense when you jog your brain


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  • Hi Croc got caught with a case of lock jaw like awe fuck not this dick/
  • Man this is a croc of shit/
  • Yea I know but here we go bro it is what it is, y'all know this prick?/
  • Turns out this dude is a hypocrite/
  • You a real true lyricist, bro I call bull tits/
  • How you gon mumble for four minutes Ndizbish/
  • About mumble rappers someone doink this kid/
  • You need a wedgie and an Indian burn for that ridiculousness/
  • His time on the mic consist of spittin bars that's bout as hard as a liquid gel cap is/
  • Him and Mugz hooked up back in February to do a Dope Doc Diss/
  • I read that shit like silly kids commenting shots fired.... but it's a miss/
  • And yo silly boot skin ass agreed to this/
  • Awe shit yall go ahead and say it wit me, Grandad goin ham on his grandkids/
  • I would like to thank you all for tuning in/
  • This battle is brought to you by the dependable Depends/
  • Your descreat friend when your a lazy fuck on a Netflix benge/
  • Now let's begin dont even pretend you goin in/
  • You could be a junkies fucking needle and still not penetrate the skin/
  • Toss this croc off the the dock and jump in and choke his ass out like my name Steve Irwin/
  • Suburban nerd rhymes some words and claim lyricist that's jus absurd/
  • Bitch I'm Sub urban underground murkin twerps like u in freestyles before work and you lurkin/
  • Referring to yourself as a wordsmith Lil Dicky got mo street cred then you in Berlin/
  • Bout to upgrade this croc to gator skins your savoring every moment your bars are on the same page mine is/
  • Thats internet humor Kumar you are FUBAR croc I dial in my style and u Dun D Norstar way 2 hard/
  • Hes been ridin more times then a used car and filled with mo nuts then a babe ruth bar/
  • Of course he wouldn't be on my radar I didnt opt for the gaydar/
  • But what this ass roid gon do to a Quasar/
  • I bet you was searchin all through my raps and realized how screwed u are/
  • I left u some personals on a thread u can try but I Poly still gon have u covered like waruntee on a new car/
  • Soon our verses will blow over and you can go back to thinkin you colder then a snow Storm on a polar glacier with full epidermal exposure/
  • But before that I'm gon break u down and smoke ya like bowl of some medical grade douja/ Crock Pot
  • Bro ya know ya flow gon fold like ya showed ya hand in Texas hold em poker before the river was exposed so/
  • He might as well jus reverb, a ghost right, haunts what he re worded an E'd die like Charlie Murphy jus moved in on ya/
  • Damn that's obscure as fuck I'm sure but real Emcees dont need these yellow cheats to catch these diverse words I use to murder opponents/
  • I don't condone this animal cruelty full disclosure no real croc was harmed in this movie jus this pussy/

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