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RECORDED TRACK ONLY MOTHERFUCK OF SHIT, dis some old shit its corny

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  • This is verbal warfare come and step to my lines,
  • Shred you up like a vine and leave you dead in the mind,
  • Vocal combustion will fry until your sent to the sky,
  • I straight up snipe with these lyrics then I Left him to die,
  • Flow breeds in your dome piece left you with a nose bleed,
  • Acting like you know me bitch you ain't my homie,
  • Cardiac arrest like you tried to grow a dope seed,
  • I'm calling up your girl to come and ride me like a pony,
  • Striking quick as lighting if we ever get to fighting,
  • Strong as Isis cause a crisis I'll approach and leave you silent,
  • I'm assaulting on will target and slaughter your skill,
  • My words a are sharper then katanas swinging hard for the kill,
  • Lyrics travel through the airwaves my voice will make your hair raise,
  • I'm higher then an airplane slaying rappers through my rare phase,
  • it's ominous and I'm getting back on the beat,
  • I spit single verse and make petty your asses retreat,
  • You can bring your whole army I'll be smashing your fleets,
  • Lyrics spreading through your body like a massive disease,
  • Testing me will leave your body stiffer then a effigy,
  • Impeccably flowing like a river it's my destiny,
  • Mentally choking every rapper standing next to me,
  • You don't have to hear me speak I'm rapping telepathically,
  • I'm peeling back your melon and I'm sipping the juice,
  • Then Pumping gas into your lungs until your ribs will protrude,
  • ripping your crew like paper when I'm spitting it shrewd,
  • I'm lit as a fuse like bombs up in a terrorists suit,
  • Birthing space anomalies my verse erases prophecy,
  • Have your brain steaming like your serving up some broccoli,
  • My words will reign in sovereignty disturbance in your property,
  • no stopping this it's ominous I'll burn you I'm a prodigy,
  • My thoughts are more expansive then the universe is,
  • So I jump right on the mic and spread the doom that I give,
  • I'll leave you lifeless like a miscarriage out of the womb,
  • I was consumed in a room filled with ominous doom,
  • God strikes his wrath every single time that I speak,
  • It would be unwise to think that I am not an elite,
  • I got you twitching and shaking more then a fiend will be facing,
  • When you indulge what I'm making it'll have your cardiac racing,
  • I'm shifting your spinal with deadly intricate styles,
  • straight up killing fools leaving bodies stacked up for miles,
  • leaving hazardous piles of acid trapped in your bowels,
  • no specific reason only for a laugh And a smile,
  • I'm demonic and psychotic but I keep it so melodic,
  • I'm dropping all this knowledge on your head just like a comet,
  • the UFO above as I fly through the night,
  • my rhyming is tight the light shines blinding your eyes,
  • I'm the motherfucking exorcist you never wanna step to this,
  • spreading death with this definite prevalent malevolence,
  • I'm breeding different races from another dimension,
  • train em all to stomp your chest till your lungs are compressing,
  • So please tell me why you motherfuckers are testing,
  • Smoke a blunt ses you won't be touching my method,
  • You get hung in my presence nothing but dust you are left in,
  • Coming to crush your convention knuckles get swung like a weapon,
  • Words are causing oppression puddles of blood when I step in,
  • You'll get done in a second busting a gun with profession,
  • I come from thunderous heavens to leave you stuck in depression,
  • Lust and other intentions just leave that stuff in suppression,
  • I'll crush your nuts on a dresser get opened up like a letter,
  • Got arrested twenty times for growing doper then ever,
  • Your throats getting severed is how I always cope w ith the pressure,
  • Try to step to this I wreck it with the dopest of lectures,
  • Leaking ominous documents that leave your armies option less,
  • When it comes to rap I treat it like your mother I'm on top of it,


  • He’s black he’s white wtf let’s not get into a fight
  • Being racist that not right
  • Black side:
  • trump don’t no it’s not right look he has no sight
  • he does not no what life’s like on the street
  • He don’t know what’s the beat
  • do you smoke weed no! Is that all you need no
  • I’m the only black one in my class dat don’t mean you treat me trash
  • White people ain’t no how to live in the hood
  • Hey that don’t mean there good cause we bad
  • We live life mad
  • White side:
  • Niggas come up to me be like hey what’s up
  • The white man say I don’t give a fuck
  • You can’t live life right so have good luck
  • Pull up your pants your not cool
  • Omg you look like a total fool
  • Why you have a gold chain?
  • Black side:
  • Cause where a part of a gAng
  • You think we act cool cause where a rappers
  • Says the ones talking you ugly bich slappers
  • boy talking to us like that will get you stabbed
  • Fuck now you might get dabbed why can’t there be peace
  • 👌🏾🖕🏾
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