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  • I just wanted to be at peace with you
  • It always lasts, forever true.
  • M.e.k. jeans true religion sweater
  • I thought i recognized her
  • Wanna know what i been through, what you into
  • My love, for you, will remain forever true.
  • Wolf gang, triple six crew
  • You were the friend that kept me true,
  • I don't wanna ever come down from this cloud of loving you
  • But being blatant bigots? calling that same reason true?
  • I’m being sarcastic,
  • Yeah, rack, rack city shit
  • Living life all for you just aint true being white dosent change the word to the mike
  • Cause she's playing both roles like her occupation was dyke, fucking right
  • To being a being and beating the back roads and being it
  • And they'll forever out ya, that's why you always quiet


  • omg unicorn demon? more like broccoli and corn steamin, your name is
  • gay that's why I have your bitch screamin, no I aint dreamin these are the
  • facts with a name like that I know you cant rap, or come out with a decent
  • name, I'm not dissin you for fame, I'm actually a cool dude who is trying
  • to reframe, from hurtin your feelings but that aint the same, as havin a
  • bad name, for Christ sakes its a damn shame, that I battled a dumb nigga
  • lookin like the hounch back of notre dame.

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