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  • The four walls laugh at me soon I'll be another casualty,
  • A victim of corporate greed spreading disease with their pharmacies,
  • How do you manage this receptor damage I spread the canvas,
  • With my strokes of pain I moan in shame in the corner slamming,
  • My fist against the wall there ain't nobody to call,
  • Death is at the front door while I'm tryna stall,
  • I try to buy some time saying "it'll be alright in time",
  • But really deep inside I fiend to see the light,
  • Release the spite from these demons inside,
  • That feed on my life I scream and I writhe,
  • I've been up for three days caressing sweet blades,
  • The beat replays release me from this cage,
  • Alleviate the demons screaming deep in my brain,
  • I try to slay them and let their blood leak all over the page,
  • But my weapons never work bury me beneath the earth,
  • What I'm going through I could never speak it through a verse,
  • It's all about money slaying us for some pennies,
  • I walk alone in the streets at night praying that someone ends me,


  • yo with this battle I have no regret, to be honest I know I'm gonna lose,
  • but I would never refuse an opportunity to be exused, ive been listenin
  • to your battles don't get confused I think you have some talent, but I'm
  • not gonna diss someone I look up to. I'm a fool with a good flow I use
  • it as a tool, I try to stay cool, but I'm just running in place trying to keep the
  • pace, knowing I'm finna lose this race, knowing ive got replaced, all
  • these problems that I face I still have dreams to chase, that's why we have
  • to battle face to face, so back into my box my flow goes in unhatched
  • so take a look admire and don't snatch, so hit me back.

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