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  • Look this a rap battle, it’s a grown up game,
  • Lil ass kid better go and play with toys Be
  • Like Ryan, be on YouTube get your fame there
  • You probably look like Donald trump, minus the hair
  • I may be new at this and my flow may be ruined
  • I’m telling you now you're nauseous and dormant anger now monstrous,
  • Everything you had going for you, you just lost it cause
  • You got everything, lost it to nothing
  • Man this shit is killing my buzz, I can’t take it
  • The fuzz is gone and I’m leaving the earth quakin,
  • Shit you can’t take it try and handle that
  • Bitch I bet you look like a strip of damn bacon
  • But it might lead to that R2D2, the mobsters creep through
  • They are trying to eat you
  • Like thanksgiving dinner you can try and be a winner and try to roast
  • But I’m burn your ass like a piece of breakfast toast
  • Wanna be an actor or an actress but the top thing was a rapper
  • Now you know I’ve made that dream end
  • I hope I didn’t hurt your feelings even though I meant to
  • I ain't dissin' you dog, I'm dismissin' you
  • Like the high school bell, I’m getting rid of you
  • Drop out, can’t stop now, I’m a female and they say females can’t realky rap
  • I’m telling you now don’t come at me unless you know you
  • Can out me in a trap, I swear be like nick cannon, “ for you it’s a rap”
  • Adios amigos wait you aren’t my friend come against me
  • I’m gonna rip yr ass up again


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  • T H U G this shit aint new to me I tutor these wannabes with 2 to tha knees/
  • Im thru bein cool fool Im'a lose it please speak again so I can smash in ya teeth/
  • Indeed I compete with competition sold rocks on tha block Glock in my britches/
  • these bitches be snitching they so fictitious Kaze got the smoke and I got ambition/
  • together we jus 2 baked truz on a mission known for lynching muthafuckaz that step set trippin/
  • BigMacs get slapped back to detention my sole intention Make Money Spend Money in repetition/
  • My rep is viscous I wreck these bitches yes incentives is good for business/
  • In tha Hood we get shit how we livin I know kids 13 that would make yo ass a victim/
  • Even tha pastor willin to peel a cap and still be at mass delivering a passage about Gods vengeance/
  • From the A state to Berlin the streets burnin hot than muthafucka yea world keep turnin/
  • you claim to be a student but yo ass aint learnin so I smash a suburban through your house without concern and/
  • drag your ass outside and smash the burner against ya throat and learn ya the meaning of bloody murda/
  • Folks already heard about tha birds kaka muthafucka yea my birds I serve/
  • In the trap zip lock bag full of work got tha crack that make them fiends go berserk/
  • CREAM is a way of life not jus a word you catch me slipping ho thats so absurd/
  • blow ya brains out your face and escape to learn you workin with them feds so you of no concern/

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