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Recorded Freestyle off the dome bullshit, dont submit some written unrecorded jus freestyle some nonsense it ain't hard

Max of 64 lines


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  • Nanannana/ Its the Muthafuckin G R I double M muthafucka/
  • Ha Ha Ha/ You know I'm mobbin wit a big ass gun and I aim to buck ya/
  • Big guns and we bring them Canons/
  • Muthafuckaz thinkin that Im playin Gawd damn em/
  • I really dont even got time for no jokes/
  • You get smoked in the light muthafucka your rope just ends/
  • Everybody wanna be sending me subliminal messages/
  • And thinkin that the criminal is threatened/
  • But Muthafucka I will wrestle wit anybody that threatens/
  • And if they thinkin that I playin then I gotta harass em/
  • I gotta get em and I'll hit em Imma spit em wit that millimeter/
  • Gotta get wit em and dig a ditch to dump a victim in/
  • Slow on Down/ Man I go to fast slow on down/
  • <second half off this verse sped up 10x>
  • Feelin me stealin my vibe/ Fuckin around and the Grimmsta get high/
  • Fuckin around with the killa that's pullin tha trigga man you bout to die/
  • Man I never be slowing down/ Hittin em up and I'm reppin my town/
  • Wut, Northside Ridah, till tha day I go down/ Under the ground/
  • Under the ground? Why would I go underground/
  • Man I am tha Grimmsta man I'm sending them souls to under the ground/
  • Hittin em quicker when I'm pullin that Trigger gotta get wit cha that grave digger/
  • Hittin muthafucka put em in the back of a Cadillac bitch/
  • Antonio Montana Verse
  • Your all a bunch of fuckin Assholes. Ya know why? Cause ya point your fingers at me and say that the bad guy.
  • Well guess what, your gawd damn right/
  • Antonio Montana ain't dyin tonight/
  • I ain't dyin for shit say hello to my little friend/
  • That's the gun in my hand/
  • I ain't tryin to rap I'm telling you a fact/
  • You fuck with me I'm peeling your cap/
  • Muthafucka, you dont know me/
  • They call me scar face cause of the scar on my cheek/
  • They tried to chop me up with a fuckin chainsaw/
  • But I wasnt fucked up I killed em all/
  • Im that Muthafucka to snort all the dope/
  • Got a mountain of that shit lookin like the Alpalasions ho/
  • Shit lookin piled high/
  • My sister lookin fine than a muthafucka high/
  • Hey girl, why you step in here naked/
  • Lookin at them titties and I wanna fuckin take it/
  • But I cant cause its my sister and this shits fucked up/
  • And dont fuck with my boy/
  • Yea I had to Kill my own homeboy/
  • Cause he fuckin with my gal hell no/
  • And that bitch tried to fuckin leave/
  • I hope she fuckin ODs/
  • Took all the dope and left me with hope/
  • She dont know when I find her I'm gon slit her throat/
  • I'm fuckin crazy for real/
  • You dont know me man I fuckin kill/
  • Anybody, dont fuck wit Montana/
  • Gawd dammit from Cuba not Montana understand it/


  • Yeah, yeah
  • Ayo, ur dirty mom, it's time.
  • It's time, ur dirty mom (aight, ur dirty mom, begin).
  • Straight out the fat dungeons of rap.
  • The computer drops deep as does my plant.
  • I never throw up, 'cause to throw up is the mom of ant.
  • Beyond the walls of dogs, life is defined.
  • I think of poo when I'm in a Kleinfrankenheim state of mind.
  • Hope the grant got some rant.
  • My aunt don't like no dirty scant.
  • Run up to the cant and get the ant.
  • In a Kleinfrankenheim state of mind.
  • What more could you ask for? The ugly computer?
  • You complain about Louis.
  • I gotta love it though - somebody still speaks for the neuter.
  • I'm rappin' to the phone,
  • And I'm gonna move your bone.

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