Battles  Uae vs Maverick


No name-droppin nor ref. each-others names, no more than 2 lines on 1 actual line,no instrumental,19 lines max,written only,do your best. GL

Max of 19 lines


Maverick won this battle!


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  • i'm equipped like Doc Ock (dr. octopus) so you 'bout to get "eight" (ate) like a SMORGASBORD/
  • Ya spouse a ROGUISH WHORE, so when i'm sellin' great, you "bankrupt" like a shut down CORNER STORE/
  • Dat "almighty dollar" makes me GROW BY FORCE, God wouldn't favor what you pay regardless of whether you "OWE" MY LORD/
  • Ya moms "bustin' my sac" like a SPIKE TO SCROTUM, so when she "cum prepared?" its a SPICE OF OVUM/
  • I'm "crisp mind' sharp kicks" i'ma KNIFE SHO'NUFF, yo' spouse "parched, cuttin' up" like a SLICE-SHOGUN/
  • You're somethin' she don't love, you livin' life IN PARTICIPATION, yet that don't make yourself a BIT OF AMAZIN'/
  • This "dope fiend couldn't build bricks", putcho self as a SOBER MASON/
  • I'm feelin' ORCHESTRATED to eat her "apple bottom" yo' "fruity ass is done", no "CORE" RELATION (correlation)/
  • You're "born sedated" like INFANTS ON RITALIN, you "greedy but shady" let this PIG-PEN FOR EMINEM/
  • This "sweet cop comin' up short" like MIDGETS WIT' ENTENMANN'S/
  • You "fed up for green" dis PIG-MEANT FOR SNITCHIN' QUICK (shady pigment)/
  • Dis dope fiend has a CRACK FUSION you couldn't "run from a sack and throw it away" like CAM NEWTON/
  • I'm a BAD NUISANCE, you *rush in* as a "mad monk?" you gon' need to pick up forces of RASPUTIN/
  • You wouldn't "horse play" in a SHELTER OF BRONCOS, you couldn't "warm up cold" tryna SWEATER CHICAGO/
  • Get "boxed in" like HECTOR CAMACHO, I let my "gun flick" so I want dis PRICK TO SEE CLIPS/
  • Yet leave ya last time breathin' like a movie with "Ben Sigel", 'cliché motto', then get my ass 'blatto wit' a vial OF MUSCATO',
  • "vile & gull" enough, to make anybody 'box FOR FORTUNATO', You couldn't "pass wit' flyin' colors", try to FEATHER MULATTOS/
  • Y'all niggas chains know "all that glitters is not gold", stop chasin' fo dough, for figures you just a 'low four'/
  • And If I get my papes' today, ain't no way you 'El Rey', you just a FALSE BRAVADO in my 'EL DORADO' pay-day!!////


  • Let's check out what this mad man has come prepared for me, odds are it's not from SCRATCH – he CUT AND PASTED here
  • Don't be shy to ask for advice, it's ok, I don't bite, but I'm ADAPTED enough to PARODY
  • I ain't fond of this STYLE ANYMORE, I know you'll bring it 'cause it's FORESIGHTED like any TILE on the FLOOR
  • BEGUILED them the ROAR like a confident kitty but the MEOWING is just FORCED
  • TALLEY up the SCORE, I'm counting more dashes than a man stranded at an ISLAND with no SOURCE
  • Of contact. Football flat, SHOOK – I'm an all black puss, salt is pushed y'all, man should fallback, or look for a mauled rabbit's foot –
  • Bring seven silky dice... Nevermind, you can't prevent imminence, when ever has breath extinguished fire?
  • I'll attend your interment; ebony-fit attire, white undershirt wet, covered in your blood – but out of respect I won't forget to wring it dry
  • Boy asked the forums for a battle and from that thread, to the second I hit reply,
  • To the evident hint and sign that he sped without trying to inspect to criticize, to the second he sent the request... Is the second that this was mine
  • Who ever said capital letters are mystifyin'? Talk big and bad – I'll expose you, for the intent to misdefine
  • The fact that he put "Good luck" & "Do your best" in same sentence too,
  • His skill-set is limited, that's why he set the rules the way he set the rules
  • Doesn't know how to flip name-drops or references, nor fit consistent syllabic rhythm to an instrumental loop
  • If you wanna weigh-in on the wait, I approach this the same way Urijah Faber does the cage,
  • Tactically, have you anxious 'til you cave anticipating your own fate
  • Don't complain, if your rules were to freestyle it straight up off the brain... Of course I'm ready for a STREET FIGHT
  • I'll use my BRASS KNUCKLES for new BRACES IN YOUR FACE so kiss your TEETH BYE
  • Ring to crown is how a CHAMP PUNCHES, FAT TONGUE like you just TASTED THE FANGS OF A SNAKE – I do a swell job, just look at his CHEEK SIZE

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