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39 for my big foot daughter

Max of 39 lines


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  • Me no understand weh u seh look like u talk in french
  • with the reputation fi deh pan d bench
  • stop pretend talk to much
  • and no back up
  • me blessed with this luck
  • and u know me ban enough from
  • me step pan d club
  • all a d gyal them come
  • give me a hug
  • the life of a tru Thug
  • Stay tru to the real ones in your corner
  • worried about nothing but making the dollars
  • we all G'z and we aint informers
  • all day long playing with the burners
  • and rocking body armors
  • stucked in this game dominating opponents
  • leaving their family recieving condolence
  • missing bodies found deep in a banana field plantation
  • to be like me you must require a gangsta reputation
  • we represent that west side connection
  • known to be under a criminal generation
  • perform a bloody masacre with out hesitation
  • Kids need no help they will torture before they shoot you in the ribs
  • and much more other things
  • all in the presence of nickles and dimes
  • we living in these wicked times i got mines
  • from hustlin and bustin rhymes
  • call me the general because i link all the crimes
  • master mind in many designs
  • Death is my Patron she shows me all the signs
  • Picture me rolling a fat doobie
  • chillin right here in my zone dressed in black hoodies
  • to the left of me i got my dusty chrome
  • she never leaves me like you fuckin hoochies
  • she burns so much that you will enjoy hell and bringing and end to your fun
  • you just started me its only my introduction no i aint done!!
  • Tu no eres malo te gusta el reggaeton
  • im deadly like simeone
  • ese fuckin trigger happy el franco tirador
  • look out the day i come
  • my enemies see me and run
  • i shut their doors against a setting sun
  • escucha esto eres un cagon


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  • He was my life
  • He was my soul
  • He was my grandfather who had to go
  • He was ill with no cure
  • Whose heart gave up and wasn't sure
  • Why he left me in this world
  • With no one to talk to
  • Not even to hold
  • Now that he's gone
  • I sit here and cry
  • Waiting for him to say my last goodbye
  • I want him to know
  • I'll be alright
  • That one day I'll be by his side
  • Day by day
  • Year by year
  • I lived it like he was still here
  • With a smile on my face
  • I kiss his picture and put it in place.

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