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Battle on January 28 2019


  • Im black as fuck its no wonder you pale in comparison
  • Bitch the way you fail is embarrassing
  • You throwing paper at a monster like dropping mail at The Hendersons
  • You a fruit lil bitch I guess battling you is going out on a limb n shit
  • Ill shoot through the room, stain white like old men do fruit of the loom
  • I'll dust em quicker sand dunes, dune buggy, I run em over
  • New huggy, gave em too much heat he want it colder
  • I shrug a shoulder, you'll get 4 from a 4. I fuck with Clovers
  • Irish shit, I risk shit, with the razor I wrist shit
  • Have a cult on yo ass with a Message, thats iris shit
  • Pale girl with black hair on a TV, yea you a Ominous bitch
  • The Ring from this D.E. deadly, you wont survive this clip
  • Ominous quotes is non existent, y'all were divided over his status
  • Well im ominous qoutient, I'll bubble up from the bottom an ominous potion
  • Watch ominous go from ominous to anonymous


  • They call him JuzTrae cuz he's just a tray so he'll get broken he's plastic,
  • I'll snatch his meal a fatal deal he'll never pass his flow is scholastic,
  • Elemetary this kid is a spastic need some ritalin can't figure this riddle out,
  • I spit with clout all you spit is flem nothing but drool is slipping out,,
  • You slobbering prick I'm dropping more shit then colonics,
  • You found your lines dumpster diving so your spitting is garbage,
  • I'm lit as a rocket writtens abolish with mythical knowledge,
  • It's not medieval times but I'm swinging verbal swords in your carcass,,
  • I travel on a beam of light sent from andromeda,
  • Land on your front porch pull you out through the key hole and clobber ya,
  • Give you two black eyes like you suffer from insomnia,
  • I'm on to ya I'll track you down like a homing device was lodged in ya,,
  • Impossible to survive when I arrive,
  • I'll condense your body into binary code and save you on a hard drive,
  • My flow represents a strong tide flooding your city till you all die,
  • My bars fly like a prison with wings swing down and lock you inside,,

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