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  • I’ll make your heart race shift your face when I drive a sharp stick through it,
  • My bars still cruising without even starting the ignition,
  • The articles you’ve written get gassed up like hitler did,
  • I’m at the precipice drilling your face when I press a bit,, (drill bit)
  • I’ll sever kin cutting ties like umbilical cords,
  • An infinite force so deadly I’m killing a corpse,
  • Traumatize you like your parents when they get a divorce,
  • Ride your girl like a saddle I’m gripping your whores, (horse)
  • I been the shit you been a clit I’ll rub you the wrong way,
  • All you squirt is blood when I stomp upon your face,
  • I bomb and I spray like Vietnam all of you pray,
  • No really all of you prey the predator is carving your fate,,
  • I’ll leave my mark in this place like sharpies swinging like Cassius Clay,
  • You molded a false image all your cash is clay,
  • I’m smacking lames slashing blades for clashing with shape,
  • Your so fucking thirsty you could swallow a lake,,


  • born to burn skin like acid virologists sexting biologists turned into optimists con-sists of risks and taking pics of their dicks to send to six chicks with big tricks down their slick rick plastic slick smoking chornic like a tragic has been rapping molassing the cactus jack socko rocko big bang make a big rain sang the pain in my lane haha war machane' the same thang, I eats you like a bowl of cheerios, fucking idiot gross, wet hoes like a wet hose
  • my bars burn like chemical sodium chloride and erase from existence the hydrogen fluoride to guide the tied stride that died in the night next to a fizzled sprite looking like, vin and rock on a happy joyride, pussy ripe, i ate it like twisting nips with a wrench pipe hehe xds

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