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  • your in your grave but you wish about the lyrics you could decompose you
  • shot throws at these hoes but i'm different stabbing through your wall like a
  • javelin your going to make the earth quake watch you shake like a wet dog
  • little cog use you then i threw you never knew that i'd hate you put you in your
  • grave like peep now you can't speak i was on a winning streak your spewing
  • out words like gas don't know what they mean but your last take an L never
  • ring my bell can't you tell whoo i'm just going to unwrap this tootsie and eat
  • 'em then put you in your own nursery this is straight trajectory all your words
  • are tracery check your phone like 1 2 3 this is my elixir kicking you around like
  • do you get the picture your like oh i got a problem yeah go say it to your god
  • mom at least i got one spiking drama isn't that fun you devastate your body i
  • falsely cremate i know you'll send hate leave you taint you stupid you in the
  • corner eating paint


  • fuck the doctor, his license expired, his patience is done with
  • here come dem birds upside down, you ain't reallly worth shitting on
  • war machines dropping some science bombs like mr clumsy chemistry chom,
  • first I split the heads off the internet, so you can say I am the bomb dot com,
  • fuck these sluts who's butts become plastic nuts,
  • loaded with punchlines as if my sheets of paper had boxing gloves,
  • this guys a pussy how long did it take to rhyme a word so fucking fake,
  • my names war machine, i got people paranoid on safe sex, cuz the condom might break,
  • When it's time to shine I rhyme at the perfect time,
  • this guy was sipping riesling, cuz all he does is whine/wine..
  • Shofu is the low brand name for Tofu,
  • war machines suit is tough to go through,
  • like biting down on grenades handed towards you.

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