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Battle on March 23 2019


  • I'm really frustrated
  • He was proud of David
  • said it's complicated
  • then why do i understand he's your favorite
  • I don't want tomorrow
  • again a day of sorrow
  • excuse me can i borrow
  • your magazine and A K looking out the window
  • Rachel she's a brat
  • I ain't wanna be like that
  • her act is plain crap
  • How much longer do i gotta suffer and rap
  • Is it true, is it true
  • do i have an issue
  • does he have more success
  • Why do you love me less
  • was it my energy
  • well, I'm on a journey
  • See ya later
  • Get Eaten by an alligator
  • major favor hater
  • stranger danger


  • I strike with the preciseness of lightning and leave you silenced,
  • I'm timeless with this rhyming devising war strategies like a Viking,,
  • I'm keeping it critical till I rise to the pinnacle,
  • since I was an embryo, I've been writing material,
  • In the womb writing lines that are labeled ethereal,,
  • Stop and listen to this composition,
  • Leaving competition with no pot to pee in,
  • You'll be falling victim to this monster rhythm,,
  • leaving my targets confused, lethal as bombs with a fuse,
  • evil and causing abuse, demons that haunt when I choose,,
  • Crafting wicked tablets that will leave your skull fractured,
  • dabbling with magic that will reap and cause havoc,
  • avidly attacking any rapper with a passion,
  • smashing then I'm dashing quick as addicts after clashing,,
  • like a sniper in the trees I keep my target in sight,
  • Me and rap go together like a bar and a fight,,
  • Mental suffocation turns your brain purple,
  • I'll hurt you, on the mic your lamer then the name urkel,,

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