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Freestyle not roast competition

Max of 64 lines


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  • I wanna ooh yeah(mumble)
  • Try if you want I got goons
  • You run up on me im up in yo room
  • My niggas be ballin I switching like ooh
  • Bitch on my dick wtf she gone do
  • All my niggas be bustin the moves
  • I got my hand on my meat to
  • W W I can not lose
  • Pull up to your new revenue
  • Run up on me i spray lil nigga
  • I got beats like dre
  • Beat the shit like dre
  • Fuck all that shit you say
  • Xbox I don't play
  • On the ground where you play
  • Hell yeah im gonna spray
  • Double XL it coming up
  • I finna kill every single one
  • Bitch imma glock
  • I got a 30 bitch did you heard me
  • Im gonna shit on the perkies
  • Everyday i get to workin
  • I was just in Australia
  • Fuck this bitch let me tell ye
  • Pull up on the scene I nail em’
  • Imma hit em’ and kill them
  • Run up on me imma shoot em real light
  • Get me with that bitch i'll make them discipline
  • Wait hold up
  • My boys with G herbo
  • They like nasty bitches
  • On them knees with them ashy bitches
  • Fuck all these thots
  • Got this girl named ashley with me
  • I just busted my kids on her fuckin tits
  • Remember crocking bros when they tried fucking with me
  • Wanna kill this bitch cause this bitch owe me a buck 50
  • Dont stand no chance
  • Nigga sit down but stand with no plans
  • Which one of all his friends come get his mans
  • Nigga I sip lean thats just what my wine is
  • Bitch im gonna switch it up like velcrow I stick it up
  • Call the ambulance come pick him up
  • Mothafucka come get him up
  • Pop a perk before they pick me up
  • Niggas ichin like a stick or somethin
  • Run up on me get a hit or somethin
  • Put my d on the top with no tits or notin
  • All I do is do flicks with her
  • Netflixs and I chill with her
  • Matter fact i dont even do pills with her
  • Yo lil girl im a dragon ill slaugter all
  • I fell like 21 savage
  • I should make slaughter your daughter
  • I put my arm in that bitch I feel like vince carter


  • I'm wilin' with my wild freestyle
  • While I'm sitting in class
  • Doing it acapella like I fuck a fella in the ass
  • Like a big pig I'm going ham in this shit
  • Ride it like a tram on the bricks
  • In the downtown where they sell sticks
  • And fifties, it's shitty if you're not thrifty
  • But you can't miss me, missy
  • Don't get pissy swiftly
  • If you miss it, you shouldn't diss it
  • Listen up or get pushed like a piston
  • I'll have to wrap this up, and not slap this up
  • No time to back this up, too tempted to smack this up
  • I have work to do, I can't jerk to you
  • But I'll be lurking through in the murky stew
  • I gotta go now because I'm at school
  • Don't be a fool kids, just act cool

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