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  • Yo.
  • John the Baptist acts as if he has a cock up his ass, when
  • he tries to talk trash and not rap, good!
  • Proving this bitch wrong as in
  • he said no one below his age could beat him.
  • Sorry, I'm not pacifist this time, gotta earn your way up.
  • He has already made a lot of bad sins,
  • Not my problem, knockin' you out, make you look like Gollum!
  • Quit stalin', you communist!
  • Eat a bag of rotting dicks; edge them until they
  • start throbbing hitting your gag reflexes vomit all on them,
  • mix it with your slobber then get some smegma and some cum on your retina.
  • You really think you will win against me?
  • Bro, you probably look like you work at seven eleven drinking
  • domestic until he falls asleep on a desk waking up with a headache;
  • rinse repeat everyday.
  • Mess with me and you will get an x-ray to see if there is
  • even a cranium.
  • Also to see all the brain damage, shit!
  • Even a couple medics with 8 bandages can't wrap this shit around
  • this "rappers'" wrists!
  • Even after this you will still chatter shit, it gets worse the fatter you get!
  • This narcissistic, retarded bitch is far from this level of bars done spitted.
  • This pop tart with his cock with a hard on
  • is fruitier than any starburst is.
  • Please don't start shit, you like to give markers a sniff.
  • Must be really alarmed not knowing I would respond back
  • I got my lyrical glock cocked back at you, John!
  • Now I am taking shots.
  • Don't bring your fists to a gun fight....


  • "If your a mobster, You cant eat lobster, Just stay the fuck away from lobster".
  • Who's this Godly, thinkin he got me/ You got more a chance of givin kardashions
  • the hotties/ Drive by yo buildin and I toss in a "Mavi"/ Who the fuck you
  • foolin' to think you can drop me?/
  • Birds of a feather flock together/ you think your good? well "Pump" was better/
  • I'm splinter, "bump", and dead like shredder/ diamonds out the ass crack,
  • cuz you dead by pressure/
  • act like you stoned cuz You was dead by depression/
  • I roam like phone with no vocal reception/ grab your notes, jokez,
  • cuz Class is in session/ no misdirection, my blows mad with aggression/
  • I am done with these fakes/ want bitches like drakes/ hoes give John a break/
  • Fuckin with me'z a mistake/
  • All my golden tracks addictin victims like a roll of crack/ annoyin like yo gnats/
  • perhaps I'll attack back like a pack of New York rats/ This aint the Marshall
  • LP, bitch come off the relapse/ No way you is duckin' cuz I be luckin' out
  • on these traps/
  • Put you anaphylactic, I go nuts, this shit's tragic/ Possessions of a mad white man
  • rapper savage who can do lethal black magic/ Snap you like plastic,
  • G? really two a duece, but three, your bars are anticlimactic, and my shit be
  • Biggie action classic, when I rap with passion/
  • I got 30 dirt cheap to destroy your rep/ you challenged the threat and put
  • Jay to the test/ which seems to suggest, that you wont get the votes,
  • but you need to collect/ Clearly its you who's careers be straight wrecked/

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