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  • yeh yeh ok freestyle, me style, on a beat just be wild i saw rap and i was rewired
  • it would require for me to die for me to retire this is just a taste up in this place fucking
  • gun on my waste fucking chase you down and waste you on the ground bury your stupid face underground
  • but im in ya bitches at least six inches just the tip shit aint
  • even started never mind gettin finished and shes already bitchin
  • while im rippin up her innards shoulda figured before this bitch squirts
  • ima leave her disfigured and stiffer than hard liquor
  • sin-is-ster like fin-ish-her finger on this-tri-gger quicker than quick silver slip and then kill her


  • When it comes to rap your ramen noodles and I'm filet-mignon,
  • I'll call your girl up and have her give me head until her brain is gone,
  • The race is on I'm dropping bombs with a million megatons,
  • Your nothing but a private I'm at the highest rank of the echelon,
  • Crushing your head with so much pressure it turns to a diamond,
  • My turbulent rhyming will leave you hurting and crying,
  • Your lines against mine is like a cat versus a lion,
  • Burn you with gasoline my raps are mean,

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