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  • /////Ace's verse
  • Hahahaha this motherfucker is gonna melt like butter,after all the stutters equivalent to a gutter
  • After this battle you gonna hope your pops wore his rubber the night he was choking your mother
  • You just a cock sucker who thinks he's a hot shot,but in fact you just gay fucker
  • Who's a big faker,who's pushing the line and is gonna make me pick up a razor
  • And slit out your Adam's apple,and puncture your skull,I'm gonna make you bleed
  • Well I'm sure you used to bleeding by now,the reason being you experience it every fucking month
  • In fact while you were jumping on a dick of a prick who was very sick and with a flat dick that to
  • In public you started bleeding from your pussy,you just a basic rookie who's trying to be
  • A tough cookie you can't battle for shit you shook,you better stick to singing a hook
  • You don't belong to the hood you are just a fool who's Mind is still in primary school
  • Don't try to act cool you just a fool,who lives in a slum full of stool I'm cruel with my rhymes
  • I'll treat yours like crimes,shut you up forever and you'll work as a mime,put you in jail
  • Where You couldn't afford to get bail,you just a frail,who's rhymes spits rhymes slower
  • Than a snail and who probably still uses email,none of your gay friends want your stale meat
  • This shit is obvious you probably got AIDS,I'd use hades's blade to cut your tongue out
  • Punch you so bad you would blackout you better count your days while you can,you ain't even
  • Half a man who's got a flat dick as if you hail from Japan,you wanted word play,I ended up
  • To slay you,now go back to bed and play with your pussy,and stop being a wannabe bully
  • This place ain’t for a rookie,and I don’t wanna hurt a she
  • Solace you just a sucker who wants to create a fuss but regardless of that lemme show you
  • How it feels like being in the darkness,I’m a heartless human being
  • Forever preaching the devil you better bow down to me cuz you way below my level
  • I ain't scared of dissing or being dissed,cuz my homie arjo has the best flow
  • And tommorow when you get up,just look through your window and eye witness the sorrow
  • ////Arjo's verse
  • "Solace"? Ain't you that fool who got his ass crushed like a bug
  • By the thug named "Arjo the emcee " on your last battle on June twenty.
  • Oh yeah it is you, your body still disfigured from when you got my lyrical blows
  • That now you can't even fuck properly with hookas and hoes
  • while having sex with ya girlfriend ya can't even get an erection in bed
  • Cuz the moment ya remember my name even your semen pretends to be dead
  • He got his dick slayed of by arjo who was too cruel in his last duel
  • Now solace can't have sex whether normal or anal
  • The only thing that wants to have sex with him is a porcupine
  • And it Stinged his "vagina" real hard yesterday while having 69.
  • Solace you muthafucka you wanna mess with me and my homie ace?
  • Me and ace g's for life and we's gonna smack you hard producing the bass.
  • We rule the game fool, and fools like you who're lame get slain to death by us
  • cuz it's a shame to even get seen with ya let alone sharing the stage with ya
  • If I shoot another verse you's surely gonna die you fake ass son of a bitch
  • Motherfucker you deserve to live in the ditch or the gutter
  • I warn you punk if you mess with us or fuss with us we'll blow you like a bomb
  • And that's the last time you'll see the light of day, cuz then you'll be lying in ya grave
  • You understand that? You understand that you phony ass dickless jackass,you's gonna
  • Become a "past" no more present but a dead carcass.


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  • Hitting the beat like a red head as I step took a year off didn't log in and the skill level leapt
  • Over the shoulders of yall posers heard ya snoring as u slept
  • I got swarms of thesaurus hornets
  • I took home in my net
  • Saying dumb shit like like bet instead of yes
  • Ya third eye needs visine cuz those tracks you smoke is regs
  • I got that dope I'm focused hooked on vocals so I wrote this
  • To show you battle me nerds how slow ya flow is reverse osmosis
  • Choppin it up on the block rockin it talkin that tough shit stop it
  • divide the timing of ya rhymes till ya lines is microscopic
  • Look at me I rap quick saying nothing twice as fast you really think it means something number of thumbs up and featured tracks with all the fire emojis I'm wondering where do they sweep the ash
  • Chasing rap fame clame to be a big name on the app well ya mp3s is lame and Ya name's in all caps
  • So I guess you finally told the truth once while you flexin in the chat
  • Hide your kids hide your wife
  • Solace got a mic
  • Now he's running people's wallets and riding dbos bike
  • Bleeding goats out with a spike he made from grinding phones down with his teeth
  • This app a space jam I'm like Shaq you half as real as me
  • Peel ya caps don't need a gat the way I snap heat be automatic
  • flowing down a one way road and the wack shit stuck in traffic so sorry you don't get a lane
  • Spitting hurricanes and cyclones both hemispheres of the brain
  • I would call you out one by one but don't know ya names so everyone can catch the embers let the fire and Sulphur rain that was me at Sodom and Gomorrah and believe it bro those hoes got tow up
  • One of the baddest to ever do this ruthless flows the shogun sho nuff
  • Think you're so tough roll up you a fuck up couldnt roll blunts
  • On tracks lips smacking acting like ya trapping
  • Maybe did dope once but I'm such a junkie upgraded from coke to banging h with a hole punch
  • Send a battle my way whenever you want your soul crushed

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