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  • I am a beast in the game everyone else is a lame
  • just to now what i am saying they got to go do what i am saying
  • i need help what about that belt people rap about money and fam just stay
  • true to the game


  • Your heart is beating fast cause, you're scared you want this fight silenced
  • But my friend and I are beating ass, with guns and pistols they call silenced
  • You scared yeah, you didn't come prepared to fight in this fight
  • I'll scare you, ya you can call me your worst nightmare that comes at night
  • Yeah, you're in this battle so this, is what you're gonna get
  • You just entered this battle and now you're gonna lose
  • That's gonna be the cause and then the effect
  • When you try to be nice, you'll get rejected and get no respect
  • Instead of nice stuff, you'll only get disrespect
  • I break people's ankles if they try to battle me from the start
  • All you do when you rap and battle is break your parents heart
  • Cool Man, yeah that's me I'm cooler than the Cool-Aid Man
  • Make it so cool, that my fans, in their house don't need a fan

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