Battles  BELLVADEAR vs Tupacquiao-the-GOD


This is personal bring that spit to go right on the grave of these foul mofo's.

Max of 29 lines


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  • You weak mother fuckers rape, cuz your sex ain't great, gotta control an force now your manhood's at stake.
  • I'll cut you down I'ma call you Eunich, gotta hop on any beat cuz you fail to tune it, now it's me against you bitch now who's abuse'n.
  • I'ma swing you by your nutsack into a pit of fire, poor kersone down your throat watch you burn for miles, I'ma a kill you in so many medivial styles, just like an x you go in a cold case file.
  • Stretch you out like you like with your 'that's what she said' may wake up in the morning to find yourself dead, maybe tied up with a crossbow to your head, maybe overdose you and tell the medics I don't know what you were fed.
  • Chop you into fucken pieces the way you make those girls feel, you may move on but they gonna hurt still, I can't stand it I'mma Merc me a predator give theses hogs a meal.
  • I'll serenade you with the echo screams from your family, y'all think that's cold not near what I can be, yet they let mother fuckers like that still standing?
  • Morals are as fucked as your about to be, I'ma bloodhound scouting out these fleas.
  • So many pens I could stab you, inject you with poison, shoulda been more careful with the words you were noise'n, you were so confident when you went around poise'n.
  • You little prick with your about to be non-dick, just like your memory gonna make you non-stick, your on my nerves like the time does tick.
  • If I catch you in person better hope you see me first, cuz if I see you bitch I'ma drive your hearse, anything you threaten I'ma do you much worse.
  • I suggest you shut your trap before you get caught up every mother fuckers like you needs to be shot up.
  • I hate the negatives, but some of y'all need permanent sedatives.
  • Fuck you and whomever takes your side, they can get it to if they down to ride.
  • I ain't no gangster and I don't gotta, as for forgiveness some actions get nada, so fuck off you get no akuna matada.
  • Rapist bitch, Satanist shit, hate you hope you drowned in all that spit, hope you lose every dime you get, you said your bars were fire, well your about to get lit.
  • I wish you the best, of the worst that could happen, if I could go back and meet who raised you, I'd smack em.
  • I hope you rot in the bars you create and you get back tenfold the pain that they take, wanna hit you so hard every bone in you breaks, you ain't shit except an equal to all your mistakes.
  • Talk about shots fired I don't even care about personal, you wanna Ill will girls so I'ma give you something terminal.
  • Why would you even, shoulda took a like'n to leave'n, now you get to see what it's like to face a heathen.
  • I'ma hurt you the same as you like to see other go through, show you the same kinda affection too, make you do things Jesus would never do.
  • Lord forgive me for the pain I wanna cause, but some mufukers need to learn moral laws, they gonna find em dead hanging from his fucken balls.


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  • Crims are no use, forget domestic, it’s time for some criminal abuse👊🤬👊

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