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Bring fire

Max of 24 lines


HeatDeath won this battle!


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  • Give me the mic as I rip it and spit the sickest rhymes/
  • I shouldve been advised? Yo quit it man it's the end of lies/
  • Hush your penalized don't talk to me or I'll split your spine/
  • Fam you minimized to the maximum your too civilized/
  • You've been exposed to the furnace heat now go and feel the damage/
  • Heal with bandage see me as I go torture and kill the standing/
  • Still demanding all you wack "MC's" to leave im Ill with manners/
  • Fill the canvas with my flows that resembles to 10 commanders/
  • Feeling I'm completely dominant me and you are the opposite/
  • Time to sit and play with your toys kiddo go mow some lawns or shit/
  • The sky I'm up on top if it fly as a fuckin octopus/
  • Think that line was bad but the true meaning's anonymous/
  • Never mind now lets back in it/
  • Seen yo demon take control I sat back and I laughed with it/
  • Can see my steam come the stream know my flow is acidic/
  • But yo stuff is kinda shit like someone put they ass in it/


  • Imma stain on the game shit on lame star rappers,
  • You'll remain the same like spelling racecar backwards,
  • Your fake bars plaster I'll crumble them in seconds,
  • Punches are like lectures let me break jaws after,,
  • I'll take yall back to the essence of art,
  • I'll never depart my chest protects like seventy hearts,
  • I pose a threat to all execs who market the wack shit,
  • Bust like techs to open flesh you soft as a mattress,,
  • Congratz on being the best worst rapper alive,
  • My necromantic verses causes all the caskets to rise,
  • Astrologically my life is written out in the skies,
  • I have to survive my potent flaws are matching a tide,,
  • Can't pull my card cuz I'll inspectah deck so go protect your neck dope flows are heaven sent,
  • Don't show no respect for po po or presidents,
  • I wanna believe but they all deceive damiens seeds,
  • Are reigning in greed no souls to represent,,
  • The radio spreading this total mental irrelevance,
  • Pure subliminal messages manifesting to thoughts,
  • Sure to cripple the residents breed and keep em in negligence,
  • Find me speaking intelligence like the tablets of thoth,,
  • Chicks at bars will swallow up your que stick for eight balls,
  • Dealers standing in the street that blatantly make cal ls,
  • Just slaves in a daze lost unable to stay calm,
  • Every first of the month is like parade yall,,

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