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The long awaited fire everyones been waiting for! bwing da heat, lets gettit!

Max of 32 lines


MugShotz won this battle!


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Battle on December 18 2018


  • Win or lose, this battle here aint giving out a trophy son,
  • Mugshotz will get his mug shot…now he need something else to drink coffee from
  • your more than dumb, im from the city that never sleeps, even Sandman know not to test mines,
  • they say 3rd times the charm and this is our second battle…thats better luck next time,
  • my pen ill, they want it quarantined, i told em my pen in it to stay,
  • you waiting on a W?...well you finna wait forever like when the plug tell you he 10 minutes away!
  • this bitch nigga gay!, fuck around and that will devise your demise,
  • im no exterminator...but a couple shots/swats will have you and yo homies dropping like flies,
  • mug, from here on out you need to start showing me respect, or you can get clocked in a second,
  • ya granny in another place to?.... say sumthin bout mines and jus know my granny slipped a Glock into heaven,
  • so stop it brethren!.. someone please go get this man a soda, sprite,
  • ill kill the niggas tryna kill you cause you my target...ill light you up first like Rollers Rights
  • now behold the plight, thats about to rain on yo parade,
  • you want attention, acting out...till the 9 at ya dome i see through the charades
  • oh now you afraid?...ya super power like Captain Hindsight, gods useless design,
  • you change ya rappad name more than woman change their mind
  • you aint my dawg but ill have you see black and white like a panda, man,
  • ill kill Mugshotz then take his mugshot….thats word to Sandra Bland!
  • im not a fan, of you as a being or of the bullshit you like to profess,
  • my timezone different, you a bitch and im 2 hours ahead of bitches, i aint gotta wait for em to get dressed
  • im clearly the best, i can tell your frightened of what I might do,
  • told him to pick two letters from A-Z, his answer was baffling….lets just say it wasn’t IQ
  • im type rude, this Small Soldier want the action? figure this
  • get disfigured quicker than the offensive line during a blitz,
  • stop throwing a fit, mug you just been raided and flayed,
  • I hope you aint got nothin important to do cause this done fucked up yo day
  • go out and get laid! you bout to get stabbed by an Ace with a spade,
  • guess it will say…”his luck ran out” smacked onto ya grave,
  • its the end of your days, go digest that when you die, its in jest,
  • ingest your fate, you dont have to accept it but results are in, like yo STD test,
  • i hope you're depressed... its looking like your clocks a treadmill and you ran out of time,
  • my golden bullet lodged in your head like i got my mind on my money, but my monies IN your mind!


  • Kevin I guess the Bullies Bullied You thats why you became an Active Shooter
  • I shoulda Told you Sooner Like Omega your coming in last
  • Im Drawin a Blank I think your Wearin a Mask stop Shootin Props This aint a Movie but you fail to Grasp
  • A Simple Task Recordings to Movies All audio no Visual call that a Cinema Sin
  • Even with a Previous W Rodriguez is on a Dead end Street I would Kick ya Shin
  • But Like an Amputee down to his Kneecap Your on tha last leg
  • Better Crack an Egg and Get Bisquick Because this Dudes Starving Quick Get em a Biscuit
  • What a Trick Three Days With Riot With a little bit of Grace
  • Kevin Stop wiping your Face ItS Not Gonna Get a Poor Boogie off ya hoodie
  • Ah Should he? B Exiled Hes being sized while Cleaning the Trifecta
  • Ya best ´´Live better Aim Higher ´´ thats why i ´´Eat like i Train¨ I guess the
  • Turn Up Got Real Lucrative Get that One up To save ya Life
  • Spend yourself a Fortnight away Because like Season 8 No ones gonna buy it This is the battle Royale will you Survive?
  • This will Be the Exile Crash Landing No Reyna and Sensors to Fight Enemies Because you´ve been Blinded how ya gonna thrive?
  • Hmm if this Battle is Godly then whats God Like When he sees ya Hawk a Loogie at tha Mic
  • Take a Hike You got 2 Quarters to equal 50 Cent now gimme those Quarters back After i snap or Catch a 40 Yard Spike
  • Round 2 no Running Back Gotta do more than Snoop fo dat weed Yo B the Woods Called they want their Wrap/Rap back
  • Must not Be Very Maple of you in April Now thats Low Bud No Theses Leaves dont need a Hack
  • Even if it wasn't Smoke you can Catch this Second Hand Tryin to Survive by Building Fencing but cant get a Strike
  • Just call Out like Ike ¨ Dont Kick the Baby¨ Fuck Kick the Baby
  • Maybe Because Ay B was Seen / Ceen Slippin Thats why X to the Z Get bit y? Horse flies Maybe
  • I guess the Bad Guy Dies But he had that Runny Shit like Cholera Talkin Sock Whos the Man to be Kind
  • What im to Find Im seeing your Rap Fold Like Origami
  • Leavin Deaths Takin Names like Yagami Im Addin Layers to Bars Like Ogres and Onions
  • Its like Askin Whats Conjoined without Twins Leavin B in Exile is my Intentions
  • Oh Look Romeo Its Mantua for Questions Juliet's Rode for the Fourth Night
  • If She Gets Prego i got the Abort Right Oh Quite
  • This aint a Fight But im Ending this Right but wait i got Somethin to Say
  • Its a ShAME to end this battle Fuck you hope ya have a Bad day

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