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  • Come out with a new rap every couple of days, don't know why
  • ya like it it's just the same crap different words, it's not like I have
  • some hit records or won some fuckin awards, no nice chords or
  • some hyped beats, but it's true I'm all alone no girl in my sheets,
  • grew up in the streets with more than one need, no one wishing
  • me god speed, no body worried if I bleed or get buried, but like I
  • said same shit, I can rap faster than rabbit but no mic, my life is
  • tragic, wanted these raps released to the public, hoped to be
  • better than Kendrick, people saying my words and flow are
  • pathetic, guess what they can suck my dick cause they poems
  • are pathetic, call me a prick just cause they in a panic, can't think,
  • bout to sink em' like the titanic, my fuckin bars are satanic, they
  • flow out me like gas in an automatic, ya heard me right don't need
  • no magic, ya words hit me like a plastic bottle no damage, might
  • as well give me your baggage cause there's no passage, can't
  • control my mentality, full of this damn insanity, reading this is like
  • lookin at a tragedy on a bloody saturday


  • a right to diss you but your more less of a value you claim to be a bad
  • ass your a bad clash big dash you claim to smoke hash your so brash break
  • his fucking neck get a whiplash your career is spinning out like a car crash
  • leave a wound and a bloody gash i'm a horror movie on a slash your door on
  • sorry whore therefore you hurt to the core if you want to diss i'll give you gore
  • you follow me not literally but you try to hit me your getting good with me now
  • your history put you out of your misery your just a little kid god forbid got to
  • bury you in your grave your a 1 year ild 2018 to 2019 yeah twenty fuck teen

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