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recorded battle, bring the heat! lets gettit

Max of 32 lines


NorStar-AKA-GRIMM won this battle!


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Battle on December 24 2018


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  • Nor, i respect you, but you wont be able to find none of that in this round,
  • inbound, im finna slice ya head half offdiscount
  • best dismount! off that high horse, Star you’re gassed if you thinkin i wont let it bus
  • so now one of us gotta go, like “this town aint big enough for the two of us”
  • and it wont be me!.. ill fuckin Butterbean this featherweight,
  • oh you must think im worried?.. i only hesitate to hesitate
  • dont fuck with fate…cause battling it out with me is just doing that,
  • like my first round against maaaaveRic(k) you can get Flared im bringing Wooing back
  • the toolie strapped, watch what you communicate next, i aint tryna hear ya statements,
  • Ill substitute the Biscuit for the Pea Shooter.. come try this meal replacement
  • you’ll need encasement, after i shoot ya roof off, ya to soft,
  • im here interrupting ya vibe like rude coughs,
  • get boo’d off, stage for tryna showcase a show
  • no really, you try to distract the crowd with original flow,
  • then blindly they vote, while thinking that this battle was “gold!”
  • until they go reread the verse and think “fuck man oh no!”
  • im putting my soul! into every single line that outs from my hand,
  • this Captain Hook will use a hook, to hook the crowd then turn em to fans
  • but that i cant stand! so personally im here to offend,
  • leave ya fans like Trump voters…”We aint voting this bitch again!”
  • im 10 outta 10! ya bitch said it to.. OH SHIT i just broke a home,
  • what can i say.. im such a fucking wrecking ball and it shows,
  • youse a puny punk bitch, and that is not me making an accusation
  • ill kill you in such a complicated manner, ya death certificate need annotations
  • no aspirations, after this battle, i mean i wouldn’t blame you for it,
  • ya’ll know that grenade sound that rings in ya ears when you’re too near?….i get that from Nors chorus!
  • Nor cant fuck wit me Nor will he ever again address me so bold,
  • you better check yaself like you playin on a Chessboard alone
  • this old fucking goat, im yelling at you like fuck what you heard(herd)!
  • ill take ya written, then shove it down ya throat like choke on ya words!
  • this L prolly hurt..but earning this W was fun,
  • BXile finally finished.. like it took long to cum….


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  • Did it really happen or was it jus a dream, I was to B Xiled from rapped for being hard to beat/
  • See this kat is far from whack i give him that and when it comes to battle rap/
  • He hold it down like a frown but I clown wit a style he ain't touching hashtag that as a fact/
  • Now we travel back as i cock cock cock back with a track that aims to knock B off that X and I'll relax/
  • And see what happens and before you go to attackin keep in mind muthafucka Grandad keep it real when he rappin/
  • So if I say it then I mean it while you playin you are dreaming if you thinkin for a second that you bringin what I'm bringing/
  • I bring meat to the table you bring drinks and your fables I cant relate and aint able to compete with me B jus be grateful/
  • That I ain't able to turn back time like I'm Cable man my bars are so fatal that I can kill emcees without a label/
  • I'm a metaphysical lyrical killa for hire wont let a fictional whimsical pun spitta boy try to conspire/
  • To topple my tower bitch this ain't Babbel but my fury can rival that of Jehovah as i go off to battle like a soldier/
  • I'm a bastard out the North so you can call me John Snow bruh and so wut I'm old cuz you couldn't hold me back if you was Hodor/
  • I drop bombs like they mortars you good but bomb like John Carterwhile my tracks go harder then an angry father slamming a car door/
  • Yous a pussy, kat swattin at a fuckin hyena I'm laughing as I'm tearing into ya leave this kat a gory 5 minute mess like I'm Katrina in New Orleans/
  • Entering this arena need ta bring a machine gun with your raps to have a Vikings chance in Valhalla to take a Win when I snap/
  • Bruh has more nuts then a bukake slut talkin the shit that he does but I really hope that Mugz goes in and tears your ass up/
  • I'm an elite that competes on a whole nother level you stuck on beginner I tutor you pupil I rock and you pebble/
  • I'm from the south but homie dont call me no rebel I may rebel against the system cause I feel like it fail us tell us B/
  • When was the last time you was compelled to achieve your goals instead of being jus another ghost on a beat/
  • This ain't a roast its jus me educating a student to B Xtimes greater then another try hard artist that fears his defeat/
  • Forget runnin them streets supply them streets with heat get your money up young homie or B Xiled like MG/
  • K for fuckin round with me I slay workin 50 hours a week I still find time to murda a beat and any emcee/
  • Who think smoke is sumpin other then these trees that I chief out a pipe prayin for piece of mind in these times of grief/
  • Fuck some beef that's a young mans game I aim to top my pallet with cheese call me a dairyterian cause I live off of chedder shit it's better for me/
  • Then takin my pistol to someone's gristle and split em to they white meat and cop another charge and a guilty plea/
  • Dont tell me shit about this and that and what you gon do to me with a strap threats against me or my family will result in a preemptive attack/
  • I ain't tryin to do all that I'm more bout stacking chips then peeling caps are you feelin that then let's collaborate on a track/
  • I dont even care who wins as long as I get respect back but me comin whack hell naw bruh I can never do that/
  • And its fact that when I rap whatever I get I give it back with every bar that I spit I give it my all and will until I collapse/

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