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  • Such a long and weary road we travel in this so called time of life, so many choices and decisions how can we be sure what;'s right.
  • What's right for me may not be just, what the doc prescribes to you, we don't wear the same size I'm branded of a different style shoe.
  • So much pressure to look a way, how to dress walk and talk, but seems no matter what I've done all they do is flock around and mock.
  • Who are they to direct fingers to flaws, who are they to critique my words like they're some literacy fucken laws.
  • Say why are you angry
  • I say I'm not
  • shit I'm beyond that it fucken pisses me off.
  • But I won't go around acting like a jerk and I won't go around make'n other people hurt or make drama flare so shit gets worse.
  • See we are not the same though I won't say I'm better but when it comes to armor I'd be Teflon where they're pleather.
  • Make others feel ugly, small, and un-welcomed, do you really wanna battle of flaws cuz I hide mine seldom, and most run off as soon as you tell em.
  • So unlike them I don't have to fake I'm fucked up duh for all our sake, take your spit and all your hate, cuz I got enough, I don't need those scraps on my plate.
  • They talk shit about weight and ladi fucking dah, bitch who gives a damn with your modded fucken bod.
  • Just as modded as your audience cue carded applaud.
  • Get outta my face, stay outta my way, you don't wanna embrace this trust me, better hit that highway.
  • I just wanna feel alive and I wanna just love, ya know all that affection kisses and hugs.
  • I won't waste a second of my breathe arguing over who knows what, temporary happiness they tricking us of, no one can tell me shit except my gaurdians from above.
  • This ain't about a God or God's or who here is best, just me telling ya'll I love you and fuck off to all the rest.
  • The bigg mic's on and the beat has dropped, just like the jaws now these haters got, #1 on the favorite spot.
  • While they waste energy trying to shift mentality, I will do me and create my own reality.
  • Unlearn everything these liars taught and sell back everything this buyer's bought.
  • I'm so burned out they wore me down sick of feeling worthless when I'm worth more than they're crowns.
  • No draining my spirit any longer, everyday I hurt just makes me stronger, they tell me to hold on nah I like to wander.
  • Free spirit like they can't catch me, everyone who comes close knows how I come and flee.
  • They act like they the meat to the taco's nah you the grease, slick is your motto.
  • I use to cry my eyes out and ball til they bled, use to cut and carve and stab the paper with lead, wanting so bad to not hurt, I'd rather be dead, glad I realized I was worth most in my head.
  • Been awhile since I self inflicted, alot of you still are, hope you know you'll be missed'd.
  • Don't let them cut you down and don't cut down yourself, if you need someone just hit me up I'll know you reached out for help,
  • No one in this damned world has the fucking right, to make you feel unworthy just cuz they got fucked up sights.
  • I see so many on the path I once traveled, got scars all over me from tripping, pacing, up and down the gravel, but every time I fell I got right back up on that saddle, they sure the fuck won't rope me into being someones sheep or fucking cattle.
  • Sorry I know I'm usually sweeter, but also know standing your ground is part of what makes a good leader.
  • I got many kids and people who follow, sometimes it's not a box of chocolate it's a bitter pill to swallow, but no matter the poison they feed me, It'll never eat me hollow.
  • I love and adore so many, break me all you want to try I was made for bending, can't turn me red or blue cuz I'm a mixed of blending's.
  • So here's a thanks and I love you for all who stand behind, as for all the rest of you, a fuck you will do just fine!


  • This is addressed to whom ever might take it personal/
  • to whom ever has decided to be my new urinal/
  • I know one thing for certain though, your ass is fucking slow/
  • hurry up or Ill expose and shove you full of no doze, both hoes in both holes/
  • theres a reason santa always brings you coal/
  • because nobody fucking likes you cause of where you keep that pole/
  • stole the attention of my girl/
  • do I need to mention you have no morals/
  • you stand no chance man/
  • ya better stay out of my cheddar man/
  • Ill blow us up together, Im not all there, understand/
  • I hear things and see shit, you dont wanna know what they are telling me to do to you dick/
  • you dont think I wont get violent? to finally cut the meat room into silence?/
  • nobody likes you tiny prick, you just dont fit in pussy/
  • lets home for both of us that us both can work around the other silently/

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