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  • Look beyond the veil that was placed in front of our eyes,
  • Even with the proof they are saying that we surmise,
  • The angel that was speaking was satan in a disguise,
  • Once you see it for yourself you'll be changing all of your minds,,
  • In a lesser banishing ritual I've reached the pinnacle,
  • Burning sage I've learned a way to speak to the invisible,
  • Words can't explain when demons showed me their face,
  • How they affected my brain it almost drove me insane,,
  • Feel the demonic presence walking alone within a sick dimension,
  • Interbreeding bloodlines are summoning their wicked henchmen,
  • Listen brethren there's entities that walk among our presence,
  • Masquerading in the flesh and worshiping the murder weapon,,
  • Serpent's hissing elevated with the words of wisdom,
  • Sought the god within separated from the herd we live in,
  • Let's cut it like a circumcision with verses written,
  • Babies screaming at the hellish world that they were brought within,,
  • It's all a sin they practice sorcery with pharmakeia,
  • It's hard to be a human being when they wanna keep ya,
  • In a state of dis ease with the pharmacies,
  • Akathisia dyskinesia main goal is harming thee,,
  • Clogging up your arteries with GMO's and heavy metals,
  • See I was born with a heavy mental believe that the curse is residential,
  • Peep this and see this elitist's deceiving,
  • Ritualistic mass murders all across the region,,
  • America's a rotten whore shapeshifting carnivores,
  • John Podesta I'll stab that pedophilic heart of yours,
  • Fuck this nation I burn the flag up while I'm marching forth,
  • Styrofoam and gasoline spark it and let's start a war,,
  • Sound the battle horns charging like a matador,
  • This entire world has made my heart as dark labradors,
  • Sending the wicked back to the source were past the last resort,
  • It's time to rebuke all the lies and start to fight with force,,
  • Geoengineering look up in the sky and see it,
  • Desiccated blood cells that enter every time we're breathing,
  • Just keep facing all the black screens they keep around us,
  • The same as a scrying mirrors spirits always pouncing on us,,
  • Sucking off the chakra system yo you gotta listen,
  • You need to bite the fruit and learn about the opposition,
  • There plots are wicked but we'll overcome the competition,
  • There's only so much I can tell you through a composition,,
  • You pledge allegiance to a nation built on lies a treason,
  • Inside when the mind is screaming no time for violent preachers,
  • Sodomizing start realizing all the crimes that God is seeing,
  • We need to rise above with knowledge or we'll fall to pieces,,


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  • Disrupt the block like assaulting boards of chalk,
  • Doctor Doom Metal fingers your crash lingers like New York stock,
  • Forever dark, octo-moons eclipsing your Oculus,
  • Watch the Lycan transform like Optimus, best at it no argument...
  • Means no other option on your ballot document,
  • Rapper jocks all squawk and talk take a walk or put a sock in it,
  • Or on it, wax off Miyagi with all of that cockiness,
  • No chance like Monopoly crossing me's probably the costliest
  • Godly its obvious mock hobbyist,
  • Collecting skulls and bones of several foes, sway all opinions like a lobbyist,
  • Sombody stop me like I'm Jim Carey,
  • unmasking goons, torture tools hung on the walls of my shed that's something scary,
  • I step the room, warn a brother I'm a Looney Toon,
  • The kinda dude who beds your newlywed on your honeymoon,
  • Leaving DVDs of graphic imagery,
  • Climax as she yells finish me, mail a copy for her Moms and Fam to see!
  • So whats her fantasy? Should I give her the lick,
  • Head to toe wrestle hoes, that's how I finish it quick,
  • Is as good as it gets, like your first high,
  • Lines Eye popper Poppeye's like spinach dipped and chicken fried
  • Competition? body bagged and crucified,
  • no pickups, just re-arranging you and I,
  • use your inner face as Rat living space,
  • as I illustrate cruel capital punishment, that's how I up a case
  • (intermission)
  • Please believe him, sick sinister heathen,
  • he's teething on the flesh of cretins, open season t'ill you cease breathing,
  • freak a beast creature, like your uncle on your nieces,
  • telekinesis features, mind sharper than pin needles
  • The wickedest evil not for the feeble minded,
  • an Eagle hybrid, don't sleep on me, fly over and eat your eyelids,
  • no Katy Perry, but can I brew a perfect storm,
  • violent forms of rhyming swarms enough to ter-a-form
  • Spitting styles so perverse, earlobes it fondles and gropes,
  • call me the pope, I'm hip hops evangelic hope,
  • you snoops be messing with a lion, best leave unprovoked,
  • spitting those nursery rhymes kindergarten dope,
  • The greatest ever like Mayweather,
  • Or what she said the night I met her,
  • warm center stage fuzzies like grandma's sweater,
  • Surrender never, like Leonidas crew,
  • Glass solid bullet proof, Warzone when I enter the booth,
  • You rap actors master fake, sinful like pastor rape
  • so past mass disaster you bastards bring laughs like plastered dates,
  • I am he who deserve the right to undermine
  • cause I strictly underline your favorite rappers skills are under mine,
  • Quite like me? No other kind,
  • mounted jetpack to snatch every antenna in the vicinity, I call that "air-time",
  • In the pen is where you'll find me,
  • Pair that with paper get a public menace, every line is a prison sentence

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