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  • There’s music in our hearts
  • And there’s music in many forms
  • And all round there’s music in the world
  • There’s music by Paris
  • And there’s music in the U.S
  • And the music makes your heart beat in reply


  • Robbie said fuck being weak and so flamboyant
  • He had a point, act a man if you carry a damn groin
  • Said he had pecs that could wrongfully blind a man's vision
  • Never seen another outflex him in precision
  • Concerned friends attempted to prevent his douchebaggery
  • Robbie hit em with a left, cracked their jaws with brutality
  • Thugged out, Robbie says no one could match him
  • Has eleven niggas layin' out dead, red on his mattress
  • Kidnappin' men and force them to swallow legos
  • They shoot plastic out their assholes, little bricks in a handful
  • Blisters ravaging their rear ends leaving rashes
  • Masturbating his clutch with a dead nigga's ashes
  • He burnt them niggas up at his backyard in a well
  • No water in it, just the smell from the bodies dwell
  • Gone in the wind, he often practice diarrhea
  • He feeds fudge to his brother that he calls Diabeetus
  • Robbie's fucking sick, he urinated on his mom
  • Daddy came runnin' quick, Robbie flayed him like a dog
  • Shat out an energy so deep, stored in his system
  • He often played Twister with his naked little sister
  • Until she got chopped into a hundred little pieces
  • Just because Robbie got mad at her for preaching Jesus
  • He calls himself the spawn of Satan, but in truth he's really not
  • All he ever does is jack off and smoke pot
  • To hot, dying grandmas with cancer
  • When grams was growin' up, she exceeded as a dancer
  • Now she's frail, slowly rotting like a zombie
  • Has to fathom the fact of getting jacked off to by Robbie
  • Robbie's crazy, he sprayed AXE on his parakeets
  • Grabbed em, shoved em in a jar and shook rapidly
  • Robbie's toxic, he can be a tad bit obnoxious
  • Anyone that got close to him spazzed out and they got sick
  • From AIDs

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