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  • It's the war machine, my side uzis bring terror you're career is an error,
  • never ever before seen a Walking paul bearer,
  • war is what Im known for but I still lay low with two desert eagles for my pleasure,
  • you thought you were clever that's my endeavor , bomb attached to this letter you'll be leaving here from a stretcher,
  • pack back that whack rap before I flip your career inside out like a wrestling mat,
  • body goes splat machine is the dream third cousins with a thunder cat.
  • Mix some rocks with the bling, when I sing my bars sting like deadly bee' things,
  • you'd think this drink would be filled with ectsasy for the rest of thee',
  • trap house opener, twist nips with can openers 'n agitate the hate like a fomenter,
  • You mad I got the biggest box office that'll box in your empty pockets,
  • my fucking wallet blasts dough out the coffin like a 5-man houston rocket gossip,
  • Stop it and sip some champagne let the war machine take you through his reign,
  • I bring pain but I ain't no max, bomb attached to your red boston cap,
  • see what I see, emcee no need to believe things you swear were made up to be,
  • Gee, you're a faggot decimus fucking fetus, jesus, might wanna defeat us when I PUT THE G IN GENIUS .

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