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  • Verse-
  • My bars are catastrophic while I'm smoking on the chronic
  • My shit is toxic drop kick a basic bitch quit talking all that shit
  • I'm a catalyst the way I fastly flip the script lyrically equipped to kill a little bitch you're pussy whipped
  • Subject to addiction I'm the definition of a psychotic fuck who never listened
  • Killing rappers is my mission murder competition fuck the opposition
  • The shit you spit is fiction like the Bible you are like little Christians
  • I'm back to kick your face in like a little brat on fuckin Christmas
  • My flow is vicious all this shit is so wicked don't ever call me gifted unless you really fucking mean it
  • You little whores can drink the semen from my penis
  • I'm the alpha omega your a beta yet you act like Jesus
  • The words I spit are genius
  • I got intention to leave you leaking so take this heavy beating
  • Don't shit where you're sleeping or at your crib I will be creeping
  • I'm a motherfuckin demon kill without rhyme or reason
  • Hook-
  • I refuse to lose take all my pain and choose to make no excuse
  • You will be hung in a noose for rapping for views
  • Don't fuck with me hoe I refuse to lose
  • Verse-
  • Driving rappers to insanity shoot them all down like the sandy hook tragedy
  • I'm a fucking killer I do this rap drastically there will never be another like me after me
  • So why you all attacking me hop up in a coupe then I swerve off in to traffic B
  • All you motherfuckers under me I got you straight up stumbling grumbling muttering
  • If you wanna pick a fight go ahead and take another swing
  • I never feel remorse for the ones who were Wondering
  • I love to see them suffering choking on they words till they start blubbering
  • If you wanna catch these hands faggot then go ahead and fuck with me (hook)


  • sitting back reading raps dropping props not popping glocks on blocks to rob the lot and lose the plot
  • I'm kind of shocked I contemplate the hate and see just how misplaced the taste or talent gone to waste
  • Could it of been changed if they flipped the script a turned the page but decided to burn the glass I'm not judging
  • But I just need to say if you walked the maze you would of been amazed these days you look hazed half blazed
  • Your not stable I'm not gonna enable you to derail rip off the vail find a god to hail stop moving like a snail
  • But I didn't want to dis anyone on a rap but if you respond with trash I'll windback my foot and kick your ass flat
  • full mass big bitch bounced back excess fat something like jelly reacts you talk shit you're a snow flake
  • Living life fake melting in the sun when a ray comes your way just tryna flex to hide yah dress you're an addict
  • at being a faggot I can't wait to hear your shit I'll flog you like the bad ass kid you coughed up after sucking dick you bitch
  • Simple stuff I'll call your bluff getting wrecked your soft not tough at all don't need a hook when you copped an upper cut
  • I shut them up then snuff them out they call the hounds I go rspca and put then down scared you fiending now
  • In crowds don't want to be alone feel eyes on you in you're home you hear a noise you're paranoid your life is void
  • Get titanic that's wrecked

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