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  • Verse 1:Make a joke at me I shoot you down. I were the crown of crime. I'm lauging cuz' I'm sad I'm in agony.
  • My face is bloody but I'm still smiling. While the dark knight is rising. My depression swears to me.
  • My pain inside is acking my body is breaking. Batman is making me bleed but I'm still lauging. my pain and agony stays with me.
  • I'm the joker, I'm nothing like Marvels Mephisto. I'm your worst nightmare but I'm not batman I'm the Joker.
  • Verse 2: ( *me whispering*, It's Joker my depression) I shoot off your damn head trying to kill the batman. He's not like sandman.
  • Batman is my demons. Joker is what I feel like. i'm depressed like Joker but manage a smile. My blood spreads on my face.
  • But I'm still wild. My depression is violent. I advise parental discretion. Cuz it's my depression.
  • When I'm mad you can call me Joker. I'ma real choker. I'll bleed but still smile. It might take a fuckin' while to get used to the pain.
  • But we all feel the fuckin' same. I'm insane, I make blood rain. Ah fuck, I gotta blood stain. But I'm ok.
  • It's not mine, sunshine. Are you ready to die. It's all right my little fucking butterfly. It's just an rpg-7.
  • It came from heaven. I'm not no lucky number seven. In fact I'm an unlucky number 666. Good night you little sucker.
  • You mother fucker. You better send in some bank robbers. They need to retrive those big dollars.
  • Verse 3: ( *me whispering*, it's me Joker my depression) I advise you to run. Cuz it's joker with a gun.
  • I bet your a christian. Well you'll be happy to see god. Unless your a viking that belives in Cod. Jokers on the spotlight.
  • be like Lebron James * Lebron James says* "Do you wanna sprite." Do you wanna marijuana. Bitch drugs are carma.
  • On a violent killing streak. Sneak a bullet threw your back. And dump you in a creek. Wanna play hide and seek with me batman.
  • You can try me. But why the fuck are we still fighting. I'm slowly dying. But I'm stil ryming. Put a baterang in my eye.
  • Then break my neck. Now I die. I'll come when batman is beyond. I aint no James Bond. I'ma mager sin.


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  • Upsidedown with ma enemy niggas always ma age alway ma freinddimies
  • but wit she I'm flexing these, sexy please,
  • she is ma enemy she has a gun just like every-one she ain't no type I see no Syght
  • Upside down wit am enemy with ma enemy upside down upside up-side-down???!!!!
  • Suicide Homicde niggas no what I'm talking bout, but she mad she bad
  • she bich she a bich she s a spie me no lie she said hi, I said hi
  • she went down I had gun I said boom I said bang she got up she in pain she anint deAd she no lame
  • she fcked me up she got up I said down she gave me a frown and said upside down
  • with ma enemy upside down with ma enemies in not your freinddimie
  • so don't be flexing me.

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