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BYOB V - Round 2

Max of 64 lines


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  • Y'all got me battlin con...deos or somethin also known as the ILLustrator
  • That's too deep y'all ain't get it? Cause he's ill...really playa?
  • You ain't gettin the profit it's just a facade
  • Pull up a chair I'm bout to get electric with con
  • Get clocked and alarmed you gonna see an end/CNN for pressin a don/pressin at dawn
  • You looked for a fight it's all in the book get hook after hook like the end of a song
  • Ya homies can't help you this time but now you wanna try it?
  • Do the right thing keep livin in the shadow of a RIOT
  • Why rap? Can't even diss for ya life damn man you should stick
  • To practicin 24/7 for the Minecraft championships
  • But imagine what might be if you win you can become the lyrical coroner
  • Just think of the glamorous life of the world’s greatest keyboard warrior
  • Man you really are the next Eminem
  • You might even get to talk to MMM
  • Unlike my fellow vets I got more lines than bundles of cocaine
  • Cause I ain’t runnin from no names I apply their blood as my war paint
  • Got it backwards thinkin you would kill somethin like redrum you ready for war? Well I’m sendin a fleet
  • It’s cool you mustered up the courage to try and catch up but may yo death be quick and painless when when I relish in ya defeat
  • What I kinda meant is that you ain’t got the sauce welcome to the real world you prepared for a matrix
  • Y’all treat this like it’s just a game of hopscotch I’m stayin one step ahead of these squares I ain’t playin
  • The bars you came with hold water weight mine are deeper than you can even fathom
  • So stop frontin like you squeezin the triggers feast on ya liver like I’m in Europe eatin haggis
  • Ain’t the one to battle with mind sharp like the blade I use to cut and slash ya wrists
  • But you coudn’t figure out that I was A1 B4 it was too late and now I sunk ya battleship
  • Just an example of what happens after you try and play me like a stratocaster
  • “I’m a 14 year old noob” man you fuckin swagger jacker
  • Better quit goin after the title of “laughinstock” you seek
  • Release the Pi mixtape collaborate with Jordeezy then you can come and talk to me


Attached media not accessible.

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  • Think you get the ladies with all that testosterone
  • Better do a 180 and head for a foster home
  • I can tell you eat mostly pastry, but I house collar bones
  • Sounding lazy, jeez, like you're trying to mimic scholar quotes
  • I'm the true baddie here, you just write extended essays
  • Now you wanna challenge me, I'll suit up for the defense claims
  • Both you and King Lunatic would make a hot couple
  • Your uterus so cheap, it was bought in a tunnel
  • The foundation is weak, you squat when you stumble
  • Saying you're dope, but the streak of pot was crumpled
  • You're a disease, your latest collab proves that
  • The profile pic is dark, since orange is the new black
  • Enemies have you in chains, don't even attempt to glue tats
  • I think the Aids came from that chick in Vegas
  • Puppet always letting people slip in his anus
  • Control his movement, if they wanted, he'd have himself ruined
  • No heat in your rhymes, so stale they're a coolant.
  • I'll even do a favor, suggest an ink of improvement
  • Don't act like you murk greater, you'd be a bit lucent
  • I bet it's a bitter pill to swallow
  • When my ill rhymes accounts for why you're losin'
  • Better lose some pounds, maybe become a vegan
  • Act like a know it all, but I'm the one that's collegiate
  • When Mazzacre died, I became his regent
  • I'm controlling regions both here and ro rap,
  • From the desert to the beaches
  • I'm showing out while you delete your vocal album's pieces
  • This was my destiny, for you it's an obsession
  • I can flip all your words and that addiction, have the pages refreshen
  • It's sad you decided to fight what you thought was a freshmen
  • I suggest you reconsider that choice, like the Great War on the 11th

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