Battles  BXile vs OmegaSpark


lets gettit! BYOB Second Round recorded 2:00

Max of 64 lines


OmegaSpark won this battle!


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  • This nigga sound like Fred Flintstone when he rap, what the fuck you finna Yabba Dabba Doo?
  • try to belittle me even once like i am Barney…I will Yabba Stabba dude
  • dont you get this shit confused, i came here to conquer and destroy,
  • my nigga wait Omega who? this shit has got to be a ploy,
  • how old are you and dont be coy? bout 40 years and unemployed?
  • dads a pastor, sons a bastard.. cause you grew up liking boys?
  • I highly doubt you'll get the jump on me by jumping me.. but lets just say that,
  • codename Pikachu, my niggas pull up Quick to Attack,
  • BXile the great.. others know me well as Kevin,
  • its ironic isnt it cause im heaven sent...but you the one being sent to heaven!
  • i sleep wit one eye open, the 9 tucked away in the sock drawer
  • Mr. Talkz a lot till i take the key….now the nigga got lockjaw,
  • quit it i aint tryna hear it...all of this that and the third,
  • blah blah ill let the nina sing, action speak louder than words
  • this is absurd, thinkin you could waste my fucking time,
  • oh what are you the big bad wolf? I guess I have an axe to grind,
  • yo are you blind? to battle me while knowing the stakes?
  • both my opponents ducked round one, this here the icing on cake,
  • give me a break, this deep shit? well you now in it,
  • ill kill ya lil bitch ass faster than a New York minute,
  • this greek letter swear he better
  • ill help this fake musician compose composure....the headshot oughta help you keep it together
  • silence you lesser, even you know what snitches receive,
  • treat you like Eric Garner, dont give a fuck if you cant breath
  • ya been deceived! listening to Omega and his bark,
  • after this he’ll have that Columbus syndrome…like where the fuck should i embark?
  • i don’t think you too smart, even more so lacking heart,
  • that’s bout the only thing you have in common with Tony Stark,
  • you got no spark, so please make adjustments to the name,
  • and take Mega out to, ya name should just be o..K,
  • but it aint ok, to think this was gunna be easy peasy ill do you greasy,
  • this time Puppet strung my opponent like Mr. Meaty
  • fuck a treaty, ill hit you so hard you ‘ll see Phineas as a 3D person,
  • leave you wit black and blue instead of red and blue glasses... like one of the lens aint working
  • ill stop rapping when i feel like it, im treating you cruel
  • 2 minutes a round? nah fuck you clown since when i care about the rules,
  • hit the jerk on yo grave, backwards skipping like back in the Heyday
  • question me? now watch me Whip dat ass…the answer is Nae Nae,
  • don’t care if you don’t like it, ironies a bitch and it got you in a crisis
  • cause you the Judge of the Dead, but im here to reap ya soul Osiris,
  • i am the flyest, you know its veggie gang cause i love me lettuce,
  • smoked some tree, got so high the shit made Icarus jealous,
  • i am a menace! i should go change my name to Dennis
  • every punch you throw never makes it to USPS sent it,
  • here is the premise, its seems you have much to improve
  • you get some credit for this round, like ya bank nearly approved,
  • your merely a fool, catch these shots like happy hour,
  • im like shaggy, this rap required one percent of my power,
  • i keep the tool…ya bitch she calls me Handy Manny,
  • to describe her head game, id say more than mehhh but less than dandy
  • still i clapped Cheeks like Sandy, it will never feel the same again,
  • from here on out you’ll lose every battle, just know that BX made the trend,
  • don’t follow in his footsteps Rappad, he’ll lead you astray,
  • you’ve been neutered dawg, now shut the fuck up, sit and obey…bitch!


Attached media not accessible.

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  • I spy an FBI assignment,
  • getting mad Eliot Roger
  • vibes from the loner rhymes you chiming,
  • The Weebish lyrics, Me myself and I, that Bully the bullies joint
  • Man shits tough buddy I hear it
  • Exile in his in his own damn name cry for help for his broken spirit
  • See he's not even trying to hide it from you guys
  • his dimly lit bedroom walls have seen years of his hairy pathetic shape shift
  • Dorito sprinkled crust over his basic bitch exterior face lift,
  • A pothead clout fiend his brand of Fleshight? Strokes of self validation
  • his coronaries buy cholesterol and sell palpitations
  • A real toilet worthy shit stain sounding like he got his name from some
  • off-brand bowel relief medication
  • "Mr.Bxbile" "Pepto-abysmal"
  • probably day jobs at the golden arches Omega marked him
  • First 48 they'll find BX locked in the freezer walk in
  • cold and pulse-less by the frozen starches,
  • like talking 9's in your rhymes?meet my eye now you're facing a real marksman
  • Cycloptic optic assassin Lasik beam precise cross on the target
  • Kid Can't handle the bars, a "B" running "M" get "X"'ed
  • by the crossing lines
  • kick the pallbearers, watch em drop the body like mosh pit tides
  • this Columbine wannabe
  • EXiled and ostracized get the shells Ostrich sized
  • Your weak bars don't fly here, runway is barred and tied
  • your mom's been mile high for this dick, occupied by the aisles
  • the sex far from plain no games,
  • pull out the big black and sit her box where my Cockpit lies
  • I'm trying to end this Outcast,
  • this that bombs over Baghdad
  • fuck up the whole strip like Trump over Syrian trashcans
  • Thermo-nuclear warfare Sparked over a gas can
  • Pick-axe on a Fortnite, bury you
  • where I put the last man
  • Word to Lac!
  • "Plan B" X'es conceptual generation
  • Mcfly my way back in time give that B reasons to
  • EX your Dad's Dad
  • Your Grand Mammy's a thot! Breach that dusty slot
  • now how's that for a Grand stand!
  • Guide this emo "Bx-bitch" over the edge,
  • that active shooter tag sums that anguish in his head
  • Hell I get thoughts too, bad rappers like you trigger the worst out of me
  • lyrically load the clip exercise these demons press the burner like a calorie
  • A real EX soldier waiting for the tick
  • and when the fat bitch sing I,
  • Hair spray from the Mandalay Balcony!

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