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  • you got a party reportedly sickening mind this is a mysterious find they say
  • something ain't keen but it's kind i got a sharp tongue get hung a song i sung
  • you gone hyperventilate pop a lung yeah so i thought what if i caught and
  • exposed rappers but i shouldn't and i couldn't i don't got anything to go off of
  • please i wouldn't care if you begged on your knees and preached to say please
  • yeah but now i'm sitting here writing and biting and viciously having lock jaw
  • you half saw got a giant claw to cut you you cuck i'm through with you i can't
  • stand your story is a stretch elastic band guess you can't man hand the
  • situation as planned your a grain of sand to me your an apostrophe your a
  • trophy decaying skull your dying rammed by a bull burned bible your lyrics are
  • undeniable but rather horrible your terrible i'm a cannibal i'm Hannibal lector i
  • don't need a lecture if your the terminator i'm the collector satisfaction i hope
  • to all of your friends car crashin' head bashin' speaking Latin hoping like a lapin
  • different dialect for you how'd that happen stabbin' your captain what are your
  • happenings what are you doing what happened to these things yuh


  • I sold ur dog to my main nigga wan shi for five chings

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