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  • I dont see how you clicked the Maven name and thought you would get away without a caved in brain/
  • Im fucking crazy dick straight hooligan insane the Rugaroo demon full of MC killin rage/
  • This the escaped asylum edition Maven Apex, gets neck after neck wrecks best after best/
  • Speak evil we lethal people we know no equal keep your feeble material completley deceitful snipe from the steeple/
  • Hear evil get an earful, Mike Tyson bite you hear me chew then spit venom at you/
  • See evil country's in upheval Im just proving the point nobody cares about you/
  • People shut the door on you your so forgettable/
  • Id be surprised if anybody even votes on this battle/
  • Ive even forgotten who the fuck you are...were/
  • You'll be as remembered as your highschool nerd/
  • People will remember the 5th of november longerr, heard?/
  • Your future loser could no sooner get here Im the apeture of your departure/
  • So this is it, what its come down to, I am battling a non-descrypt/
  • Wait, can you tell me again what is your name?/


  • You wishin' me break a leg, I bet I'm gonna break ya knee
  • Last night hit tight with your girl, don't you know? Stephanie
  • Hoe ya got a slow flow, and ya ain't even on cannabis
  • Found fallacies in my verse?, Your whole rap's a felony
  • This rage is callin' me hard, to blaze a fuckin retard
  • so graze on my profanity , cuz you're my short-term enemy
  • It ain't nothin' personal, enough of that baloney
  • but this game ain't for fags, not for you especially
  • Hello kid, this one's a hell of skit,
  • so plug it in your ears and play it on repeat
  • Yo DJ... Spin that shit, I'm gonna spit a bit
  • And split your ego in two, with courtesy albeit
  • Your shop's a flock of flops, I hop on a streak of hit
  • Slick are my lyrics, while yours are full of shit
  • Feel me, I am man in the mirror,
  • My hands in the chiller
  • Enough of this thriller in manilla
  • Now rub your nose, wipe and ass and go back to the trailer

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