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Battle on February 17 2019


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  • I might be a newbie but I'm better than you
  • You're the one that dropped out of high school
  • You're so smelly, your mouth now drools
  • I now see the reason you were called a fool
  • Y'all know that at rapping I'm the best
  • Don't worry your little head cos you'll still fail the test
  • You say you need a very short rest
  • Cos your head's messed up as my raps infest
  • I'm Gresh and I'm fresh
  • You can never ever impress
  • Cos you're poorly dressed
  • And you are not blessed
  • So that's my kickoff, as small as it is
  • You're crying so I blow you kisses
  • Next time just go wash your dishes
  • Cos you know you can't handle any of my disses.


  • Hello Gresh on you Im gonna get out some aggression/
  • You stepped up Gresh now its time to go to bed with the rest/
  • This is your lullaby only in this one you die at the end/
  • Dont get it twisted this isnt a nursery rhyme its a murder crime/
  • Further than you I am by leaps and bounds/
  • I kick and pound when I spit this sound/
  • Pummel you to the beat of the drum ill continue till Im satisfied and threw/
  • Run you threw with my lyrical sabre there is no savior/
  • MavenX the Apex crushes and wrecks little Gresh/
  • I laugh and have fun as I snap your fucking spine/
  • Shit, well Ive gotta go to work so Im gotta make this short/
  • Though Im sure you dont have much of any sort/

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