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  • I returned with a vengeance
  • guns blazing with deadly
  • intentions-stop acting like
  • bitches while i'am out here
  • grinding getting richest- like
  • water my iced out chain stay
  • dripping- I keep the gloc I
  • never get caught slipping
  • deep in the game like
  • James harden trying to get
  • that nba fame and a
  • championship rang fuck
  • it's M.O.E money over
  • every thang.


  • These fucking kids on the web talking about their "Life threatening situations"
  • You act like you hate my raps but later on you adore it, quite some temptation
  • You piss me off, i’ll genuinely have the guts to leave you alone at a gas station
  • I’m your fucking Uber, you better not hesitate to tell me your destination
  • Kiddos on this site act just do it for sympathy, bitches act like they into me, pull
  • out my sword have to slice you, viciously
  • I’m telling you, they just do it for sympathy, believe and trust
  • You kids are better off telling your mothers, who's your crush
  • Go to school and i beg you, don't miss your bus
  • Instead of going on Rap Sites and talking about "Life threatening situations"
  • Do your homework
  • Go draw and imagine, you’ll start off small but finish off relevant, just like
  • Goldberg
  • I’m just laughing at these kids thinking life is hard for them, in my own comfort
  • "FwKeellee", "depression_kills" are the young ones think that their lives are
  • rough
  • My ears and my eyes are sick of this bullshit, i’ve literally had enough
  • Some people don’t give a shit about the world, exp: Donald Trump
  • Stop thinking life is complicated and shit like that, you're literally a kid
  • You aren’t even close of being an adult, maybe like mid

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