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Lolz rhymey battle nothing personal throwaway friday..night. Written :p

Max of 21 lines


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  • I know there's laws, and i abide too
  • I see yall got egos, and I got pride too
  • You said you was a G, well I've been lied to
  • Making all them death threats, location's on nigga slide through
  • Aye Mav and Mike besides you? Aint many niggas I'd give 5 to
  • Just a bunch of bitches ready to die who I'd give five to
  • Talkin bout knocking me out, these children is 5'2
  • Distance wont help you, I bet I get knives through
  • Make niggas uncomfortable in they turf just like they wives do
  • Walk in yo crib sit on yo couch bitch I'll even say Hi too
  • Line up the fam, pick and choose who you say bye to
  • Show yo 5th grader what a real 9. Do
  • Who you acting benign to, I dont accept kindness
  • I respect silence, that fake shit begets violence
  • Watch a big bang reject you like christians arguing science
  • Im talkin with clients, and I deal with torture better than Mayans
  • My mind is best at turning positive vibes into minus
  • Yo female family the first to get it but it aint for vaginas
  • I get to pickin' hoes like Im clearing a sinus


  • I wish this shit would come in a constant stream/
  • Instead of launches of conscience furious blurry flurries my mind is always in such a hurry/
  • Wtf, did someone curse me are they trying to hurt me
  • Someties it feels like my brain has been set aflame/
  • Burne and scorched the membrane/
  • Somethimes I feel like im going insane/
  • My body not my brain
  • why wont motherfuckers just fucking call
  • im about ready to severe my own fucking skull
  • im working on a nice new theory
  • i just wish the shit would just stay in my memory
  • its probably too much of that ice therapy
  • are you hearing me
  • im starting to scare even me
  • these voices are going from good to evil
  • cranial interior feeling inferior
  • i wish i could just bury her
  • the memory i mean
  • i dont mean to come from behind and be obscene
  • but fuck

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