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No cursing well you can u guess but no dumb inippropriat even stuff

Max of 18 lines


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  • Upsidedown with ma enemy niggas always ma age alway ma freinddimies
  • but wit she I'm flexing these, sexy please,
  • she is ma enemy she has a gun just like every-one she ain't no type I see no Syght
  • Upside down wit am enemy with ma enemy upside down upside up-side-down???!!!!
  • Suicide Homicde niggas no what I'm talking bout, but she mad she bad
  • she bich she a bich she s a spie me no lie she said hi, I said hi
  • she went down I had gun I said boom I said bang she got up she in pain she anint deAd she no lame
  • she fcked me up she got up I said down she gave me a frown and said upside down
  • with ma enemy upside down with ma enemies in not your freinddimie
  • so don't be flexing me.


  • Could you paint a picture with your words, and make them feel like they know who u really are, could you make an impact like they do, all of the stars?.... Why would anybody agree with a struggle when the more words I mutter the less it becomes like a reality to you, but the realest shit to me is what I've been through.... I got a story of anger, hate, and fear, but its choked up behind me tryna say it clear, I mean, I spit whats on my mind and I guess my attitude is strong, so the fear I had doesnt take place in that song.... Thats just a flaw wroten in rhyme, about how I spit half the time...

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