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  • I've seen your eyes,
  • realize you try to supply a beat that's fly,
  • strive and grind, work nine-to-five,
  • overlooked all the time,
  • why?
  • nickles and dimes,
  • basic rhymes
  • Maybe it's time,
  • How about try,
  • something new,
  • shine a shoe,
  • sniff some glue, whatever you do
  • stop assaulting my ears
  • you're really grinding my gears
  • just know that silence is bliss.
  • You're just a storm in a tea cup,
  • your bottom line - I've gotta warn you is peanuts,
  • I read your script, dreary eyed, and tore that shit up.
  • Go back to your subway and your tip cup.


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  • I see many hoes think that they can output me, I'll drop the diss until you stop the shit with Phoebe. I ain't gonna take this bullshit easy motherfucker, pussys like you still fuck with ya daughter! Man slaughter, feel this venomous torture,,, cause ya know you ain't gonna be no longer! Your on your last bomb,
  • And I'mma show you how the South was won, cuz they couldn't be outdone! Demonic psycho, are you full with shit, tryna be like Milo, check my Spanish bitch, you'll be bellowing :"Costa a migo!". Never hit the charts, never blew up as if you were a dart,
  • Fuck pigs, fuck guards, all some fucking retards , motherfucker getting mysterious, delirious, hilarious hate regards by Baby Shark! Have you got your own city, Lil kiddy, got no fans in his own public cuz he's a misery, bitch what material, I'll be on the dictionary, fuck your word of rap is family friendly! Are you a cunt, or a rapper? Nah neither, well maybe the first, but get facts, we all know you were a manufacture, bitch don't take advice from me, adapter, go read an anger settling chapter you attacker! You brooding soul, I'll burn you to charcoal, I'll dive my middle finger into your arshole, remember, check my Spanish, bitch say Espanol!

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