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  • Ain't nobody care about my life, except for you but that doesn't keep
  • me from wanting to end it all with a knife, said you'll be me wife see
  • each other in the afterlife, but I'm goin to hell, soon as I get there I'll
  • ring a bell, can't rebel against my depression, you try to help with a
  • counselin session, it's not my intention to hurt you that's why I stay
  • to myself, we talk about having wealth I tried to make it happen, even
  • thought about becoming an assassin, but if I quit woulda ended up like
  • Michael Jackson, girl just imagine all the things we could do, all the shit
  • we've been through don't leave nothin up to you so there's no pressure,
  • all I wanna give you is pleasure and treasure, just wanna stay together
  • forever, anybody hurt you imma fuck'em up with a clever even it was me
  • ya I know I'm crazy but you love me for it, went out with you cause I was
  • desperate but now nothins gonna separate us, I'm worthless and
  • nervous but you only care about what's on the surface.


  • I'm stuck in triangles, looking for my angel
  • Forever i ain't run yet and i never will
  • Riding shotgun uptown,blowin out the bubble
  • Ha, that make it hard to be faithful
  • Fumble or you crumble, get murked on the humble
  • I’m a factor and your facial
  • Don’t wanna have me then somebody will
  • I'm just trying to make my dollars double
  • I'm a royalty nominee going all out on sheer will
  • Always ready to lend a hand to anyone in trouble.
  • No matter how hard it gets, i will
  • Reaping the humans of leaps of good will
  • Although at this time you may feel invisible
  • And your face erased just like red skull.
  • Quit bro get out my battle winning me is a fable
  • I would stop but i'm not able
  • Thinking he wont goddamn it he will

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