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  • So trill wanna fight the bull, he'll get Cyprus Hill,
  • Picked a fight he prolly gonna lose but he fights still?
  • Might still run up in his shit and get a bite still,
  • This dyke dill headed bitch tryna win with slight skill,
  • How do I write ill, but keep the hype chill,
  • How do I go hard, and let the height build,
  • Get killed, lil bitch, stripped of your innocence,
  • Ripped to bits, like I'm Morrison to your Foreman, kid,
  • My dick a ruination worm, yours is four inches,
  • Maliciously vicious to kids who sit on their riches,
  • pushing attention and visions like that of fascists and prisons,
  • the fact is acidic, brainless fools who back up intentions,
  • I'm back up again and I'm back with a vengeance,
  • To fuck up his business, mace his face like a menace,
  • Call a dentist in advance and break his face for a minute,
  • Let's get it!!


  • Your shooting yourself rabbit, easy to see blood all over your white jacket/
  • The oxygen in your brain can't last, you think your ontop, because you a maggot crawling on trash/
  • I'll wrap you in that blue hoodie inside of a used body bag, your flows stiff like a used nut rag/Bitch it's trill my lyrics get wrote on toe tags/
  • I'm always ready for the battle, you don't what this beef White Castle/The master of the astral, the t-1000, inscriptions hidden inside capsules/
  • You have been forbidden to enter trillkandas capital, you little rascal/Get left dizzie from the verbal, I got three different styles like sherbet/
  • My string theory enters the plane at the precise gravitional curvature/To swing me around before your birth to commit this murder/
  • Based on my actions this didn't even happen, calculations only off by a fraction/
  • I droped the elephants foot of nuclear contamination on this Outpost waste station/
  • Stop playing, deep space has a raspberry fragrance, tiger stripes, dragon training/
  • Super Saiyan when my force fields waving you see nothing but blood and mucas draining/

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