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  • guess your distracted dystractyd from reality of painting on property when it's
  • hard to see why your salty cause call me on your android that is partly deeply
  • and heartlessly from your biography your name is a catastrophe your a new
  • laffy taffy flavor shit is it yeah but if i diss you don't have a heart attack yeah
  • you're lyrics are really whack if you try to fight me i'm sharper than a thumbtack
  • yeah turns out i'm a black cat yeah your got some bad luck so enough of that
  • your throwing red flags like a cap hat professional disser rational litter yeah
  • turns out he talks about gang banging change chasing erasing his life with
  • a knife bite on the biggest nerve in his body fucking perve if he's distracted
  • there is a interrogation your my imagination and a creation to solve your
  • odd temptation to be the bast but honestly you suck ass you fat ass you can't
  • count the mass that's facts your a dick i spit on a beat and then hit a home
  • run yeah don't rap about a gun son weigh a ton yeah kiss my ass broken
  • ankles like elastic jerk off at kidtastic all you like to do is bully the youth to
  • make you stronger to make your career longer honestly your profit will drop it
  • from a commit you racist listen to your community try to fight me one time
  • opportunity this is important you abortion your autism classes costs a
  • portion and a Porsche and you can't afford dick want to chose one it's your
  • pick all i got to say is watch your mouth or you can't do anything for yourself
  • i'm trying to have a conversation with a bitch i'm dissin you know i'm spittin
  • he's pissin blood my music makes an impact loud thud sorry bud what's
  • your favorite rapper lil pump and playboi carti but sorry turns out you listen to
  • cardi yeah pull out your card and this is a retard man are you supposed to
  • be me or are you watching TV sorry do you want a piece of me yeah cause i'm
  • an undeniable mystery better check your history for a sign of me just let me be
  • get of my case yeah your a drug auction your a hate warning drowning in less
  • fame but his music is bad there is a caution he is a bitch he's huntin for the rest but i'm the best


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  • This motherfucker think he'll ever even measure
  • Tryna spit some shit, but I know you not that clever
  • Stepping in the ring, got you feeling fuckin pressure
  • I'm always on my grind, so get ready for this lecture
  • You just a student in this game, my nigga I'm a mentor
  • School this fuckin nigga, leave him hanging on the stretcher
  • Fucking with your temper and then toss you in the shredder
  • Enter in this battle and leave this nigga full of terror
  • Only the worthy should proceed
  • So concede defeat cause right now, I be a beast
  • Take a seat, cause if you get up you'll be deceased
  • Cause I bury all these bodies when I hop up on a beat
  • You really thought you could beat me? In your dreams
  • In don't wanna hear the shit from your mouth, so don't excrete
  • If you thought you had a chance when we compete
  • Just know that as of right now, I'm finna feast
  • Firstly, you're D-I-R to the fuckin T
  • You really thought that measily verse would faze me
  • Trust me, If I was the old me then maybe
  • But you just let loose the beast, now im off on a crazed spree
  • You're just a myopic narcassist
  • You should never bothered this
  • But this the last time that you ever gonna be startin shit
  • You think im crazy? Nope, I'm insane
  • I'll crack you in the head with a brick and sever your brain
  • Back to back with a flow, so cold and never tamed
  • It's best for you to lose your career never named

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