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  • Yo, my name is Ceeingee
  • I got the hottest bars in the rap scene in Glasgow City
  • I'm a Scottish dude that is tryin' to flow the hardest
  • Ya probably will not like this, I don't take the piss
  • Ya be dead if you fuck with me
  • I got style, ya probably got shitty
  • I got bars that are fire more than the Grenfell tower
  • Flame on like The Human Torch
  • Ya be late to my rhymes when you lack a watch
  • Check the time when you don't understand my rhymes
  • I am a cool dude unless if you ruin the coolness
  • I'm the cool one, ya be fucked up hun
  • Yo, ya probably be wanna be survive while I not want ya be alive
  • Count to 5
  • Ya be dead, count to 5 when I grab a knife
  • Ha, yeah
  • Be done, and gone

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