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No Ill will, 16 bars max #esketit

Max of 18 lines


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  • Described as mammals, but truthfully we all animals, that at times can act as cannibals
  • Cut off the crust, split u n half i might sandwich u, Armed n dangerous, active n highly flammable
  • Something they can’t contest, they address my great intangibles,weakness are minimal 2 fractional
  • But actual evidence suggest I ingest the best n inject somethin harder than what goes in vaginal...
  • Cavities n molars, polar, I’m colder, then Siberia, never hearin ya, thru deeper gravities
  • Superstitiously might amass mass casualities, n vomit out facts actually I’m backward see
  • The surface of the Earth is steadfastily, sedimentary crackin G, pray 4 all humanity
  • My expression of individuality, could certainly without surprise, b my demise, mad sporadically
  • Ultra optimist,I’m aware, nothing feared so prepared,vision as clear as n ophthalmologist
  • Without compliments, knowledge of entering my prime like Optimus,growth would delighten a botanist
  • Potential always was bottomless, God’s n goddesses sponsor it, as I’m Screamin fuck ur columnist
  • Evoke change, explain my reasoning for granting Obama’s wish, smoke frm the Llama as my ganja twist


  • what a Way to keep the doc away
  • Best pray cause for You i can Go 20 Rounds
  • I aint on the Playground still take a Monkey Bar
  • Plucking Strings like im playing Guitar Irritated yet?
  • Do a Set of Lifting dog up the Weight
  • No one can Relate saying im mentally Retarded
  • This Ships Departed the Cargo is bombs to throw
  • Waiting for shit to Blow The Lava Mixed with Water Steamy Glass!
  • Im Schooling you get to Class call me the Elephant in the Room
  • Grip the Nob Turn up the Valium the high on the Loom
  • Time for you to Croak Ey needing on stitch Crochet
  • Pay the Toll to Cross No Menu to Pause
  • Im on my Last Straws with these Morons
  • The Black Swans Coming in
  • No Connection lost life question Why Fly?
  • I aint got a Reply Ask for Pie 3 Times to the Point of One through Four
  • Hit your Bones like Arthritis talking bout your Body give you a Virus leave ya sore

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