Battles  NEUR0T0X1N vs Croc


8 lines. Keep it clean, bro

Max of 8 lines


Croc won this battle!


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  • Im going to hit you with a shocker, your gonna need a docter to recover from the trauma its like judging a porsche to a honda
  • What you on drugs? Acting like a crackhead caught you bang crack dead Somebody better stop me to explain cause you lookingg like you got the IQ of an anaconda
  • Bout to take you out like an unndertaker. I think you a faker, all this misbehviour, gotta go back to school for soe reeducation
  • I cant see your face, too scared to look me in the eye? You gotta hundred million thoudsand little misdemeanors but you would last nothink in your penitentiary destination
  • Your flow is nonexistent, could killshot you in a minute I spit fire, you spit kittens, look at your cat his name Mittens, my bulldog’s name is murder
  • Bet you cant comprehend my words so don’t even try to understand Just go to me and say U’s the man. You’e like a ant, Im like supermyou an, your just stuck goin dur dur dur
  • Hey, hows your track? You psychopath. Last time you saw a girl she was dead on your doorstep. You try to sidestep, but I wont get offset. Time to show them I cannot be messed with!
  • You can’t rap, hey that used to be me. I gave it to you when I appeared on the TV traveling from the U.S. and all the way to Auckland. NEUR0T0X1N signin off bro, you just no flow, but hey, Im more than just a myth


  • "8 lines, keep it clean bro"
  • Each line is three sentences though
  • "You can't rap" and you can't count
  • Your spelling's crap and you won't amount
  • To anything, but you cling
  • To the ring that you're a murderer or something
  • It scares me to know that you exist
  • There's more brains in my hair or my fist

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