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Written only other than that do what you want

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  • Hey it’s GeNesis
  • Back with a vengeance
  • I’m here with changed intentions
  • Gotta make this rap thing work, running outta options
  • I haven’t met my limitations
  • I’ve got aspirations but gotta get past these tribulations
  • Solve these equations pull myself outta these situations
  • Never been great with fractions
  • But I’m running out patience
  • Cause I haven’t met expectations
  • Run past these temptations
  • Keep away from the fake ones
  • Find some better guidance
  • Satan keeps calling put him on silence
  • Use my rap science to shut out the sirens
  • Something this lethal should require a license
  • Now that I’ve got a little more experience
  • I can stop being so delirious
  • Get on with being more serious
  • Go on a journey like Odysseus
  • Call me Mcgregor cause I’m notorious
  • Found the old Gen and buried the carcass
  • And to him I say good riddance
  • New Gen’s coming outta the darkness
  • Make the ground quake he’s ominous
  • His hunger’s bottomless
  • Don’t try to show me where the top is
  • Soon enough you’ll all be meeting the new rap prince
  • I put my essence in every sentence
  • That I write I use them as my weapons
  • Please no questions from the audience
  • Just wait until I finish nice to know someone listens
  • Don’t want you to wince at the words that i mince
  • Do you sense the difference in my presence
  • Not looking for acceptance just changing my directions
  • I looked back over my act, made corrections on my imperfections
  • Looking back, I made reflections
  • Now I’m different I would advise discretion
  • I’ve found a new form of aggression
  • I dealt with my depression
  • Got rid of my obsession
  • Stopped trying to find perfection
  • Got tired of all the deception
  • No longer scared of rejection
  • I’ve changed forever there will be no resurrection


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  • My bars so complex,that there surrounding apartments/
  • Riding with it on my lap,like fuck a stash compartment/
  • I hop out jogging,still will lap the whole police department/
  • Trill God body rappers like these lyrics written on parchment/
  • Yo,Fuck a gimmick I'll leave you pitch black like riddick/
  • Or, stuff your body in a beeker if you getting scientific/
  • Standing in the field, it gets real,I know I stepped in it/
  • The kitchen I cheffed in it ,the penitentiary I slepped in it/
  • Species, my types invasive I'm disrupting the habitat/
  • With these bars you can hold and flip on like acrobats/
  • My pen is to sick it can only be suited for hazmats/
  • Dawg eminen just called he says that he wants his flow back/

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