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Battle on February 6 2019


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  • Ayy yo JLyrics, you wanna battle me
  • Im With Gang Anywhere In A 7 seat
  • Ill stab you up and then I watch you bleed
  • I pull out the strap you run and retreat
  • Little pussy boy Dont Chat ,Your A Faggot
  • Money On Me, Watch Me Bag It
  • Say You'll Take Me, but Im Still standin
  • Always With My Homies Cuz We always Get To Clappin
  • My Lyrics To Hot My Lyrics too Heated
  • Shut the Fuck Dont Speak When Im speaking
  • Dont chat ur Kid and i bet you still Teething
  • Bullet in ya head gonna stop you breathing
  • Brothers in jail aint comin out any time
  • Cops wanna catch Im linked to many crimes
  • No going back You Dont Wanna Live this life
  • Almost died once but got sentenced 20 times
  • I am the king yeah i got the crown yeah
  • You men Not up yeah you men are Down yeah
  • Blade through your Lungs not so tough now yeah
  • LockaBarz18(Eighteen ) Best Bars around yeah
  • Always in designer im always in Armani
  • They Forgot Who i am But im back like arnie
  • Gucci gang but im all about versace
  • Dont Need No Support Ima One Man Army
  • Hey Sexy whats whats ya name whats ya number
  • roll to my house no party just slumber
  • Put salt on my name then you gonna get jumped ya
  • End up in a coffin and ten feet unda
  • Talk Bout Lyrics ?? Lyrics You Got None
  • I back Out The Blade And I back Out The Gun
  • This Boy Fucked up He Know It He Run
  • You wearing Nike Im in Louis Vuitton
  • Friendly Battle Aint No Friends In Here
  • We not Friends Let Me Make That Clear
  • You Pick Up Ur Pace When You See Me Near
  • Not A Lyricist Your A Fuckin Queer
  • Snap My Fingers And I End Ur Career
  • Trembling Bitch you shaking In fear
  • Put Bars Together Like This Bars From Ikea
  • Hottie Whats You Name Said Her name was Kaleah
  • Internet Gangsta you Giving Empty Threats
  • Got The Glock Got The Knive Got The whole Fuckin Set
  • I own These Streets Best Watch Were You Step
  • Aint Gonna Stop There I aint Finished With Ya Yet
  • Claim You Got A girl But You only got Ur Right hand
  • Dont Chat shit on my name Your Side man
  • I aint no thief But i take a mans pride man
  • Ima straight killa Yeah i take a mans life man
  • Now ur Reputations tarnished Dead Cuz i shot that
  • Bars on Bars All the Homies Know i got that
  • Pull out the strap blast the Pussy then I lock that
  • Dont talk Bout Street I was Raised on the block Man


  • It said start writing lyrics in this box so I'm rhyming sicker
  • Than a hobo wearing crocs damn right but at least I didn't
  • Go English like wearing sandals with socks I need to keep
  • Writing cuz I only got two props although you may be
  • Good if you're going against me your outmatched like a
  • Hooker trying to suck five cocks I'm simply too good if you
  • Try and fight me I'll just bury you under a mountain of sick
  • Beat drops you suck like lollipops and although it may
  • Seem unorthodox I contradict everyone like a paradox
  • I'll maul you worse than Goldilocks and I got no guns I kill
  • Niggas with rocks so no worries I'll just cut off my enemies
  • Heads like carrot tops. I think it's time to switch to another
  • Rhyme y'all rookies greener than lime my shit is so good
  • I can't possibly be from the hood but I'll still be here every
  • Day like morning wood truth be told I don't even like rapping
  • But sadly there's nothing else I'm good at besides crapping
  • So i just keep lyrically knocking niggas out like I'm double tapping
  • But I think it's time for me to go I'm supposed to be writing some
  • serious lyrics so cold they'll freeze an Eskimo so bye bye to
  • You like I'm throwing you off my ships bow next time I'll bring some
  • Friends in tow.

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