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  • I'm higher up, yo lower down
  • I'm in the sky, yo on the ground.
  • Yo hold a cane, I hold a scepter
  • Yo are worse, but I am betta.
  • I am right, while yo are wrong
  • Yo so weak, boi, I am strong.
  • I a chinchilla, yo are a rat
  • I am a skinny fella, yo big and fat.
  • I'm hot and cool, yo are neither
  • Yo are a slave, I am a leader!
  • I am popular, yo are not
  • I always fresh, yo just rot.
  • Yo so ugly, its outrageous
  • Yo stand fo lame, I stand fo greatness!
  • I can rap, yo wish yo could too
  • I am the main act, yo a stage buffoon.
  • In a rap battle, I don't need music notes
  • I'm sure to get all the votes!!! mike_drop_sound


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  • Verse-
  • Bitch I'm back rapping come to attack
  • Backpacking automatics I got my heat in the sack
  • I'm a maniac with ten pounds of smack ready to subdue you bitches with anthrax and Xanax
  • Better think of plans fast you damn brats before I drop the heat on you like a fucking aristocrat
  • Bring that heat into combat compact I have intent to scrap
  • ASAP on your hoe like my next name was Rocky or Ferg
  • I swear I'm the sickest motherfucker white kids ever heard
  • If you ain't rocking with it then you'll get kicked to the curb
  • Shit on your tracks like a dumb fuck from the burbs
  • See this is how I feel whenever I'm spitting a verse
  • Get laid in a hearse you know who's doing the worst
  • Wilding out fucking spitting this curse
  • Your bitch is thick throw some money her way watch that bitch fucking drip from her slit while she's turning that trick
  • Riding my dick swallow don't spit
  • Fuck a critic who's only interest is fucking with me getting up into my business
  • Fucking salty witches while the motherfucking beat switches

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