Battles  Neo-Arno vs Spartan


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Max of 19 lines


This battle ended in a tie.


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  • With that profile pic, you are a sensei
  • As much as dj khaled is a DJ
  • Some Christmas night you dreamed you were a poet
  • Gun your wishlist and click the light switch, so you wake up to know it
  • So much rasta you prolly eat from bong
  • every verse of yours is a rotten version of redemption song
  • You aint got hustle, leave this rap
  • You dont look hungry but you are still weak
  • Feel this slap of unqiue physique on your lil cheek
  • And you didn't break the crowd
  • They scream because you paid the crowd
  • You've learned to write a multi-rhyme and that's that
  • In front of us screaming like a chick will let you grab ass
  • Stop the crack, or you'll be only losing
  • You are so fragile trying to bench press will leave you oooh-ing and juicing
  • Your screaming's more disgusting than Hitler's is
  • Yet you looking like a jew from Schindler's list
  • And don't tell me I'm fake-gangster and gay
  • when you've done street shit only in San Andreas


  • I took some barbs while I left his motherfucking mouth sewed up
  • So the vomit could plummet back down his stomach when he throwed up
  • I chuck bullets by hand into your flesh I never load up
  • A witch was in the house that hoe burned off when I showed up
  • Corrupting your girlfriend my wicked hand's stuck in her
  • Disappeared now she thinks the invisible man's fucking her
  • I nutted went to kill her man, picked up my weaponry
  • Smashed her so good she grabbed some knife and started helping me
  • Thanks for trying it dont matter you still dying
  • Pain I'm applying left pictures on the wall crying
  • The impact of the smack's a caliber fraction the whole/hole is backin' ya
  • Smacking ya chestplate from the front side to the back of ya
  • Yo Brains I'm shrinking fast deep levels I'm thinking past
  • Pour all the water on Earth in a seven ounce drinking glass
  • Fuck Neo-Arno he saw Spartan and died
  • I make the walls close in on ya when you standing outside

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