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  • Been let down, been humiliated
  • Feeling left out, that shit I fucken hated it.
  • Abandoned by the one who said to love me the most,
  • left me all alone facing the storm.
  • I took in those punches, hurting by myself,
  • no shoulder to cry on, it was me and myself.
  • Grew some thick skin but broke down at night,
  • tears on my pillowcase do you understand?
  • I don't think you do, have not walked in my shoes,
  • no one understands till they live it all through.
  • Nobody has it easy but I went through some hell,
  • don't need you to feel sorry I just needed to tell.
  • Im just telling my story, this is what I went through,
  • don't need to feel sorry, it turned out to be good.
  • A kid in the world sticks and stones aimed and thrown,
  • try to knock me down but I get back up.
  • No need to feel low, even when you're down
  • just aim for the sun and reach for the stars,
  • go and land on the moon, go and follow your dreams,
  • dont forget for a fact that you have the world at your feet
  • Been let down, been humiliated,
  • It's time to move on,
  • It's time to be the greatest.


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  • ///Intro
  • ///Respect is Something we earn
  • ///Its Not Given in Turn
  • //Its not like we Eject a DIsc put in another
  • ///Do not Deny thy Brother or Disrespect one or the other
  • /// time to Stand up for th reasons you Fight
  • ///Verse#1//
  • Respect for the Name Respect for the Game
  • Its a Damn Shame People Bite its Time someone Stepped forward
  • Its a Project that i call Direct to Rhyme letting every syllable off like a Gunshot BAM
  • Imma Fight fo Respect if you neglect that show some Disrespect
  • Expect a little bit a Smoke especially when you act 80 i don't need you havin a stroke
  • Are tryin to make a Joke that's a Fact ah Try some Zen fore i put Pen to Paper imma be pressed Heavily
  • TO see your Brains oh Hello Neighbor what you see is me accidentally killin fools
  • I got Rules that are like Shit stains on White Underwear i Swear
  • It aint Fair i slit more throats than Necessary im on a Spree to Fight
  • Bitches best not Bite Yo Nor an Trill we Battle Goats Catching a lil more Flak
  • For Each attack but what for fuck i aint got a single clue do they have any
  • Who they talkin bout imma send em like a car crashing Riding the Saddle of a Wild Horse
  • Nor Spitting metaphors moldin shit like c4 to yo fucking door
  • Makin that Shit Tore up is Trill Poppin Like RedenBach All Stalk but he aint Corny
  • And then there's me lil Shorty combing Flow and enough gas to flood a Engine
  • Together we Gangsta Separate we are Guns to Brains pew Pow
  • Now Kaze my Guy your gonna Accelerate past this Site
  • But alright remember me
  • //Verse trill
  • Swear to god i had to fight for every vote i ever got/
  • But something about my heart just wouldnt let me stop/
  • I get right back up after every time my body would drop/
  • Respect to all that beat trill except that fuck nigga doc/
  • This nigga trae juz beat me by only like 5 votes/
  • Now some of this shit i wrote similar to death note/
  • Its Trillmonger the black leon the professional/
  • It took me only 3 months to become credible/
  • Now i leave em stiffer than frozen vegetables/
  • Still battle but now added this rappin to the schedule/
  • On another level focused with my nigga novus/
  • MMM swarming these honey bees like locust/
  • Try to land on the nor star if you feel the boldest/
  • All you alt roaches get stomped out by the coldest/
  • Real nigga ill pull you out the game like coaches/
  • The told me god broke his hand trying to mold this/

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