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Max of 64 lines


Lil_JJ won this battle!


  • logic
  • That you'll never acquire, you're chickens, apply logic
  • My only faith is philharmonic, mixed with logic
  • In seconds a dead man just then possess my logic,
  • I don't like y'all rap topics and y'all rap logic,
  • A prophet of catastrophic, balance between nonsense and logic
  • quickly kneel down to strictly kings of shit, the grim logic
  • I don't like y'all rap topics and y'all rap logic,
  • "FUCK haters or FUCK yourself" well, thats MY LOGIC.
  • with gin and tonic, the grim logic, we're racist against,
  • figuring how to transcript one's mind with a logic sanity
  • you feel hot because you spitted logic lines and now your smiling
  • with no logic just bout who got shot or
  • 63. To ever take a Logic beat and disaster it,
  • with the finest logic set in motion a plot with televised optics
  • So imma act hard on whoever I want whenever I want cuz my logic
  • Cause now you got me hopped up on that
  • Now you got me hopped up on that
  • There's a million names for your kind of chronic
  • Would you capture it, or just let it slip
  • As deep as Dawson's Creek and shit
  • I'm back on my sixty six six shit
  • And dip her teeth in gold molds and flossed the shit
  • Get the Zippo and spark the shit


  • i got 50 you bitchess do not get me all you niggas pussys try to fucking
  • beat me you can already fucking see me im a nigga by my self u niggas
  • need help get gun watch you melt the shit i held and the pain felt shit on
  • your momma rapping on this beat mo bama fuck up all niggas need to
  • shut up hook you niggas up aye jumping in the club going out with a slut
  • niggas get struck look like a duck nigga want to suck screaming what the
  • fuck is up uh im coming up uh nigga need to back te fuck up yeah aye
  • she dont want it now that bitch is wanted fuck yeah aye shit

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