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best sad rap

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Battle on December 25 2018


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  • my uncle was like my dad cause my dad left when i was three
  • my uncle was all i had depressed constantly
  • he was so dedicated
  • then he went and overdosed on medication
  • i dont know if it was perscribed or not
  • im so mad he got me feeling like im stuck in a box
  • stoped caring about my life and yelling slures at cops
  • 24/7 i wish these voices in my head would stop.
  • when he went that tore me up badly
  • every day i felt so crappy
  • fall asleep wishing i wouldnt wake up
  • i was dateing a girl but it ended in a break up
  • went home took the 22 out from under the floor
  • put it to my head and screamed i dont wanna live anymore
  • before i could pull the trigger my moms walked in
  • she screamed takled me to the floor and screamed please dont do this
  • i was crying tears pour down my face
  • i was planing on how to leave this place
  • verse two
  • i used to fight all the time
  • doing drugs trying to clear my mind
  • missing my uncle was like one out of three thousand and nine
  • if i could i swear ide bring him back
  • every time i think of him i feel like about to have a heart attack
  • stepping back looking at the big picture
  • the only problem was i couldnt make out any of the big figures
  • i have issues that i accept
  • ive been screwed up for so long and i havnt even healed yet
  • scares dominate my body like ww2
  • people look at me like a freak because they dont know what im going through
  • its a war in my mind on wether not to end it
  • messages in my email and i dont know if i should send them
  • theirs two areas depressed and scizophrenic
  • anyone who knows me knows im in both sections
  • i get bullied and their excuse is im just messin
  • if i end it will anyone really iss me
  • flowers in my casket when its closed
  • one daty imma die from a bullet through my skull
  • i may not be rich or have dope clothes
  • but you gonna regret the shit you when the curtains close
  • these are my inner demons


  • All I do is cry, cry my life away
  • People insult me and call me gay
  • They leave me with notin' to say
  • I don't just feel pain one day
  • I feel the pain every day
  • It is insane
  • I'm losing all my energy
  • This shit didn't just start yesterday
  • The pains are gonna stay
  • All I can do is sit and pray
  • and wish it all away
  • It is getting hard to breathe
  • I'll make it, I believe
  • It is unbearably...
  • The difficulties...
  • The disease has been unleashed
  • Someone get me a priest
  • Before I become deceased

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